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  • nu7800max nu7800max Apr 26, 2013 10:43 AM Flag

    Can anyone see us wiggling into phones? oled edge?

    issues eman could help resolve for apple/samsung/universal display and get our stock moving fast:color quality,saturation/brightness, resolution, amoled screens? Why aren't we being bought out right here right now?
    we have leading edge technology.

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    • Impatient, aren't we?
      You sound a bit confused about OLED stuff.
      Apple doesn't make screens for their phones - that should be someone else like Sharp
      Samsung makes (AM)OLED screens for their phones as well as for other companies. Pretty much every phone maker that has AMOLED screen like latest Nokia one would be buying screens from Samsung.
      But Samsung doesn't have IP for AMOLED - they pay licensing fee to UDC. They also buy chemicals from UDC but that is going to change soon not matter what pumpers on PANL board say.
      UDC owns patents for many of OLED technologies but not all of them.
      Samsung has large foundries to make LCD or OLED screens - they make big panels and then they cut them up to proper size. Theoretically, they can cut panels into 100 of 5" phone screens or 2 of 55" TV screens - this is very simplistic explanation, read more on oled-info . In reality their process is only stable for 5" phone screens so far ( the yield is not very high - you can discard 70% of the small screens and sell the remaining 30% but you cannot sell the TV with only half of the screen working).
      Now take that foundry and shrink it 1000 times - that's EMAN, the maker of OLED micro-displays.
      EMAN owns OLED patents for their displays as well and the amount of chemicals used in those displays is microscopic too.
      Personally, I think EMAN should stay away from AMOLED phone screen business as it's about to be consumed by Chinese. And it seems that it's not that much profitable - LG decided to pass on phones and focuses solely on OLED TV, Sony was early OLED adopter and then dropped it. I was following different pre-launch debates about would Samsung Galaxy S4 have AMOLED screen or not and it seemed that nobody really cares except PANL shareholders. It's not a novelty anymore.

    • eMagin is at the nexus of so many different trends, V/R. A/R, Mobile, Wearable Computing, Soldier Mod, Telemedicine, Gaming, Training & Simulation, the OLED tech as you rightly point out. Somebody, somewhere has to be noting this besides us. Campbell has mentioned in the past being approached about acquiring the company but he said "We would consider it unless it was very, very beneficial to our stakeholders.

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