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  • ema_lurker ema_lurker Sep 28, 2013 3:13 PM Flag

    Ace just posted the job posting

    for a new Director. It was posted Sept 8th. There must be a problem.

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    • one problem has been some people wearing too many hats ... transition to actual manufacturing is nigh
      and the former director may not have had inherent skills ... as ever .. we shall learn ... g

    • New position or they fired the old Dir?


    • Responsibilities:
      - Improve yield
      - ramp up volume
      - reduce downtime
      - plan for all possible contingencies
      - manage single-asset processes
      - ramp up new manfucaturing equipment
      - deploy manufacturing mentality, methods and metrics including statistical process control
      - mange demand vs capacity
      - manage the supply chain from cost, redundancy, quality and availability standpoints
      - planning for prevention rather then correction

      Main Activities:
      - production planning and followup
      - output and yield management
      - manufacturing efficiency optimization
      - process control and sustaining improvements in cycle time, materials utilization, parametric-yield
      - failure analysis and corrective actions
      - R&D line access scheduling
      - Saffing and shifts management
      - supply chain development, optimization
      - equipment installation, removal, improvement
      - facilities planning.

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      • I think this part of Job requirement may be a hint :
        - experience with management of different skill levels (engineers, technicians and operations)
        - Ability to think structurally
        - Good organizational sense

        If you add to the picture the emotions that were spilled here by some emagineers a few months back then it sounds like John Coleman had some conflicts with locals.
        If so then it's all for good.
        Acy mentioned John Trumpetto - he is currently Manufacturing Manager .
        Looking through his profile on LinkedIn I think that he is more a technical guy. He used to be a Senior Engineer Manager and then Senior Engineer at IBM for 22 years. Garce, or anyone else who knows insides of corporate ladder at IBM, is it a step down (from Sr. Engineer Manager to Sr. Engineer) or it's a sideway move ?

      • sounds like a maturing process ... at some point every man must cleave from his mother ...

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