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  • billboard_us billboard_us Mar 7, 2014 11:24 AM Flag

    My guess is the wire bonding issue is....

    not the wire bonder but the bond pads....and in that case not easily solved...there must be some unexpected material on the bond pads that disallows the wire from sticking to pad...not so easy to solve

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    • Bill , 3 or 4 years ago , i would have agreed , but at this point , they bonded far too many pieces for this to
      be a bigger deal than incoming defective wiring , or maybe too much heat used to bond , which can weaken
      the pads .. if the breaks were at the pads , were they the result in a weakness in the substrate ? or the
      diffusion of the metals used to make the pads ....
      HAH .. i've worked directly with a lot more bonding operations than you will ever see .. this whole deal
      could be a "friendly " thing , where the customer discovered some new kink and the information will
      help EMAN build a more robust product .. this isn't a science thing , but more mechanical ... mgmt did
      say in the 8K that this problem should be fixed quickly ...
      unexpected material on the pad ??? okay , fair enough , but that's easy to verify and probably very
      easy to fix ...
      Using your expertise , kindly give a process flow .. is there a cleaning process prior to bond ?? if so ,
      maybe a batch or 2 missed the clean , maybe the cleaning tool wasn't pm'd or cleaned ... IF its something
      on the pad , then it's contamination .. should be very easy to find the source , granted , the fix may
      not be easy , or may be expensive ... again .. why , after so many years of bonding , does this
      suddenly show up ... bonding is not science .... .g

    • Bill,
      are you serious? Sticking a wire to a pad that every of millions of electronic manufactures do (and Emagin did for years) suddenly becomes a rocket science that is 'not so easy to solve'.
      And what about your early comment bringing SNUP up even though SNUP has nothing to do with this?
      Your superiority complex got the better of you so you post utter garbage.

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