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  • budd_billy budd_billy Oct 25, 2011 2:58 PM Flag

    Avian's distortions

    He pretends to be some sort of market authority, yet he appears to have no skill when it comes to figuring out the markets. He first introduced his "dead cat bounce" nonsense on a day where RIC dropped below $8. October 4th was the day it dropped that low, intra day. As I look at my streamer, it's now at 11.38. An almost 50% jump in three weeks hardly qualifies as a dead cat bounce. What's his agenda? Who knows if he even has one. He just comes here and repeats the same garbage, over and over. I suggest all replies made to him here be done so like i did. By opening up a new topic. He appears to be a pathetic fool looking for some sort of approval or recognition. He won't get it here.

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    • I just put him on ignore and don't worry about it...The things he has been saying have been so off it makes you almost feel sorry for him.

      Anyway, look RIC is IMHO one of the BEST gold stocks out there in terms of potential...Solid management, very few shares outstanding, exceeding production targets, and stellar earnings.

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