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  • rjong888 rjong888 Feb 4, 2006 5:30 PM Flag


    IMHO, the pullback was more of a function of the market.

    Ascending triple top breakout yesterday. 50 day MA approaching 200 day MA, very bullish.,P&listNum=

    TARGET PRICE 14.75

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    • $14.79 Monday

    • actually it went all the way up to 10.56 pre-market. i had my short at 10.50 but for some reason did not get filled and i got scared to short when it when down lower than 10.00 as i was doing my research as to why it had spike. now i am long at 7.80.

    • You can't just say something like that.....
      Anyways, what do you think the stock is going to open at monday am?
      the stock was up about 35% friday and finished up 14% do you think
      it will make up about 5 % monday to finish about 8.25?

    • well I like to find out the TRUTH about stocks...6 bucks to 7.85 (closing price) isn't like those 200% a day stocks. It may pull back to 7 again for sure. But I think that if anything the stock is gaining more visibility. Wouldn't shorting a stock that has gone from 3 dollars to 20 dollars be more fruitful for you?

    • don't forget though, this really hasn't gone up 100%, it corrected intraday and only went up 20%. And if you look at the trend over the past few weeks to months, 7.85 is within the range.

      So this might not be a one day wonder. I hope not. I bought too soon, shouldn't have but I like the prospects here. As for the insider trades, I'm not sure, I agree it's not a great sign!

    • lol.. had to hit the refresh button once more to see if you replied to me already.. and yep.. you did.

      Taking a bath? LOLOL .. FYI, i am cost averaged on this at 5.25 per share. I am far from taking a bath here LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

      Note: i never said this was going to 25+ athough i don't think that is out of the question.

      The only ones who will lose here are the shorts. The same shorts who shorted this in the 6's the other day are now crying and posting on here bashing like hell. I suspect maybe you are one of them, but won't say for sure because I don't know...

      Ok, i promise, i'm now gone for the day.

      BTW, insider sales don't mean shiznit... Just look at the insider sale on the 27th from New Solomon consultants for 1 million shares at 5.75 ea.LOLOL.. OOPS! lost a few million on those now didn't they. But, they've still got 12 million shares left so no worries.

      Sun Li still has 13 million shares too.. if he were dumping, he'd dump 'em ALL, but nope, sure didn't.. you did see where he is doing his own thing now right? Have you heard of start-up capital for a new business perhaps?? I'd do the same if i stepped down as a CEO to start my own thing. You read WAY too much into it.

      The point is, CESV is profitable and is becoming more and more profitable with higher earnings with a riduclous low P/E of 7 or so.

      Ok, i gave you, the basher, too much info to chew on, I understand.. go ahead and do your spinjob now.. you have alllllllllll night and you don't have to worry about me now!

    • duke, tell me, why is it that you post here?? and ALWAYS with a negative slant on things? WHat's your purpose there? Are you TRYING to be the "SAVIOR" of the investment world in preventing people from losing money?? if that's the case, you're wasting your time. Do you have nothing better to do than to post 24/7 negatively? Is your life so unfulfilled that you feel the need to do this? I post here from time to time, but it's pretty rare when compared to you... i suggest you get a girfriend or a wife or a boyfriend (whatever your preference is) and just get off the computer and learn to cheer up a bit. The glass is NOT always half empty.

    • You are both a couple stooges, quit the baloney act of conversing with each other, cause both of you are FOS.

      Try reading back a few posts before your's and you'll find answers to all your questions.

      Price valuations? If nothing else, look at the frickin' P/E.

      Chart on a downward spiral for 18 months? Try 5 months (during genreral market concerns in China). Otherwise, around $10, testing $15.

      Now that those concerns are over, CESV's stock price has been in a correction. During corrections stocks usually hit new highs. There's you $25 valuation target right there.

      Last point ... CESV may be in China, but it is far from the "one never knows about these China stocks" comment. CESV is a member of the Russell 2000 Index, Russell 3000 Index, and Halter USX China Index. Far from a pump and dump China BS maniulated stock.

    • Could be. Look at the runup in these speculative Chinese companies. One can never know whether these companies are truly on the up and up behind the scenes. But IMHO, the company is a good profitable area and there seems to be a lot of potential.

      You don't like this company?