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  • mauricethepantsman mauricethepantsman Jan 26, 2007 11:39 AM Flag

    Patience is a virtue!

    Nice little move today. If the market turns around we could see a $1 up today.

    Time will tell!

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    • once they start collecting royalties they will be very profitable

    • I appreciate your comments, but take a look at SNMX's previous quarters, and you will see that they have never made money. They have always had losses. You don't have to make money to be in business. They just have to pay salaries and their suppliers. That part of the equation comes from their partners.

      You might even go so far as to say they are a "not for profit" company :>).

      Good luck.

    • If that were true, then no drug company would ever make a profit - SNMX has to come up with an additive that gets used in a mass-marketed food product. If it does, it'll make money. If it doesn't, it'll go away.....

    • Thanks for the good discusion. I think the cost element (towards profitability) is where we will disagree. The regulatory approval phase is not as expensive as otherwise thought. Senomyx's flavors use the GRAS approval process which is significantly shorter (I think a year or two) and less expensive (around $1 million) than the FDA approval process (which can take many, many years and millions upon millions of dollars).

      Anyway, we'll know more about costs and revenues going forward soon enough I think. The last EPS figures came out on October 20th and the previous year's 4Qtr was on Feb 9th. We should hear something probably next week.


    • Thanks. The key to what I was saying is contained in the last post you made. It drives my point home about discovery and costs associated with it.

      I quote - "We are primarily responsible for the discovery, development and regulatory approval phases and while the collaborator will be responsible for manufacturing, marketing, selling and distributing the consumer products containing the Senomyx flavor ingredients.".

      My quote is contained in the second paragraph of the summary you posted.

      The discovory, development, and regulatory approval phases are very, very expensive, ergo no profits.

    • Any ideas what could be behind these last few days of strength?

      We should be due for earnings soon. Could this be it...?
      Technical support from 3x bottom (Dec/05, July/06, Jan/06)...?
      New collaboration...?
      Program progress for China market 1Q/2Q...?

      Any comments welcome.

      • 1 Reply to laserjet6l_99
      • The last earnings report was October '06 (I believe), so I guess that the next earnings report will be fairly soon.

        This stock acts very peculiar because there is relatively little to no news about it. I suspect that they have come up with some enticing new flavors and are gaining momentum on the transfat problem in foods.

        I'm still a few dollars per share behind on this stock, so I'm hoping for a comeback. Any breakthrough in new flavors or transfats could make this a winner.

        One can only speculate at this point. One thing you can be absolutely sure about, and that is the company will never make money. It will always be losing money simply because of the nature of the beast.

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