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  • beetlemania74 beetlemania74 Jan 12, 2010 3:06 PM Flag

    Might be a run for te money

    You and your stevia obsession again. Apples and oranges here. The problem with stevia is that it has an aftertaste, just like nutrasweet, splenda, etc. The SNMX sucrose enhancer has NO independent taste, so products containing it replicate the exact taste of the original food item while only needing 50% of the table sugar. Products with stevia cannot do this.

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    • While what you say about Stevia may be true there
      are formulation opportunities and problems for ALL
      companies involved that none of us would have a clue
      about because the companies themselves don't know yet.

      It's no where as black and white as you post it to be.

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      • >It's no where as black and white as you post it to be.>

        Same to you. You keep posting stevia news with the insinuation (or flat-out statement) that its development makes the SNMX products obsolete. This is false. At the least, they'll be able to compete with each other, an apples to oranges comparison. It's also quite possible that SNMX actually has a leg up on stevia since the SNMX product comes with no aftertaste.

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