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  • iinvestlongterm iinvestlongterm Dec 16, 2010 3:24 PM Flag

    Pepsi close to sweetener breakthrough-CEO

    I am skeptical as to what Pepsi considers “close”. The sucrose enhancer has not yet gotten GRAS approval for liquid beverages, and the Fructose enhancer has not been submitted for GRAS yet (please correct me if I am wrong with Fructose but I don’t think I am). The approval process for anything newly submitted would be 18+ months. So I don’t see this happening for a while with Fructose enhancers at least. Sucrose could come faster since this has been in the pipeline. Salt is way off. SNMX has not even mentioned a viable candidate for submitting for GRAS approval.

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    • Oh...okay, so Pepsi is purposely making a material public statement so all the nice lawyers will have the chance to earn some extra coin on their class action shareholder lawsuit????

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      • There are two things that make me skeptical 1) the term "very close". What does this mean? 1 month? 2 years? It could mean anything. 2) The history of how long it has taken Nestle and Firmenich to commercialize snmx ingredients after financial milestones and announcements. I have been in this stock for a long time and I have read every story, transcript, and SEC filing for the past four years. I have even read some of their patents. I am a huge fan of this company and think it could be worth 10-25x down the road. I own 9000 shares. But I would be surprised if I can walk into a 7-11 and purchase a Pepsi product with a snmx ingredient in it by the end of 2011. I hope I am wrong but that's my best guess.

    • djakovic Dec 17, 2010 12:07 PM Flag

      SNMX has GRAS approval for savory, sucrose and sucralose enhancers along with two bitter blockers.

      You are correct that the sucrose enhancer can't be used in beverages YET. On the other hand, the sucralose enhancer can be used in beverages. From what I recall this compound helps lower the sucralose levels enough to get rid of the fake sugar taste. My assumption would be that they would come out with something like Pepsi Max - zero calories with maximum taste.

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      • Guys, that's incorrect to say that SNMX's current sucrose enhancer (S6973) can't be used in beverages. It's received GRAS approval for milk, tea and coffee products, along with certain powdered beverages. True, it's not suitable for the types of carbonated beverages (i.e. soda) that Pepsi is most focused on, so this first sucrose enhancer will primarily be used by Firmenich, not Pepsi, but it will be used in some beverages/liquid products.

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