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  • sparebox111 sparebox111 Jun 22, 2012 1:16 AM Flag

    KUTV buyback 2.74Million Shares at $2.91/share 5.46% total outstanding
    酷6网回购李善友所持所有股份 涉及797万美元 2012年06月22日 12:44 新浪科技微博
      新浪科技讯 6月22日下午消息,酷6传媒(KUTV)今日宣布,以每股2.91美元的价格回购李善友(微博)及其创业团队所持酷6传媒所有股份。据悉,李善友及创业团队目前持有酷6传媒总计274万股,约占酷6网(微博)传媒5.46%,此次交易将涉及资金总计797万美元。

      根据计划,酷6传媒将向前高管李善友、郝志中和曾兴晔,以及李善友控制的公司Kumella Holdings回购总共269,409,276股普通股。向前高管回购股份的价格为每股0.00005美元,向Kumella Holdings回购股份的价格为每股0.0291美元。酷6传媒还将向李善友回购79717股美国存托股份,每股美国存托股份价格为2.91美元。酷6传媒每股美国存托股份代表100股普通股。






      据悉,酷6网成立于2006年4月,由李善友创办,是国内较早的基于Web 2.0的视频分享网站,网站专注于用户产生内容(UGC)。2009年11月,酷6网被盛大集团全资收购,2010年6月,酷6网通过借壳上市的方法登陆纳斯达克(微博)。(爱文

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    • Doesn't it simply mean that the repurchased shares will be eliminated. So the total number of shares is reduced and the remaining shares hopefully are more valuable.

    • Who were selling stocks when the price was so low? Were they selling the stock all the way from $8 to $1.25? If KUTV buys shares from the market, it can easily push the price up to $3 using $1M cash if those people do not sell. Wiping them out might be a good idea to start the first step to restore the price to a reasonable value. My question is "is it legal to buy stocks at a price much higher than current market value?".

    • Looks as if it was a typically Chinese deal: good for them but not for us freefloat shareholders. Otherwise shareprice should have risen sharply.

    • Thanks for the update. Better days ahead. KUTV executives very positive about KUTV's future. Unique viewers up 30% since February.

    • Thanks for the info.

      This sounds dazzling. Why do they buy 2.74 miilion shares at 2.91 $ ? This is 2 and 1/2 times more than if they bought the shares at the open market.

      Could it be that after that buy they now have a majority of shares and will make a comparatively low buyout offer ?

      Was the small peak yeasterday due to that info or do you expect the shareprice to explode today ?

      It's a shame I can't understand Chinese may be there is some explanation in the release.

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