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  • ustapen ustapen Sep 14, 2011 3:46 PM Flag

    I think in less than hour

    kolemup, uncanny and it looks like you just Nailed it again.
    How big is your position? ^ figure gain planned for today?
    Will you sell some in 10.60s today? Thanks again as I made a huge chunk today thanks to your "Wednesday call" . Awesome as you are the best and all those sour grapes who are in huge losses hate you for your greatness. Uncanny work kole,uncanny.

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    • How much does he pay you to spread this BS? Just curious. I could use the extra cash. What a crock.

    • What is "uncanny" is that some people out there actually fall for these ridiculous postings (otherwise you wouldn't be here). Amazing this guy can be "dead wrong" over and over again and you people (if you are real) ignore this and praise info. that is already obvious. Yes Last week Kole "probably" predicted a jump, but "guess what" at the same time or even a day later (or before) he predicted "crash and burn" to 50 cents a share... he upped it to $8 a few times that's true.. but either way he proved he was a scamming Con artist as you are doing now... what a JOKE. Keep the funny stuff coming though. It's great for a few laughs. Man you guys are lousy con artists since everyone knows your game.

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