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  • mtdsus mtdsus Aug 23, 2012 12:32 PM Flag

    Pfizer in talks with Amarin for marketing

    I understand that Pfizer believes courtship is better than trying marriage nuptials.They did it with Warner Lambert for Lipitor.So Pfizer is exploring this option for Vascepa.
    Google J Simons article in Fortune in 2003 on Lipitor.
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    • no chance of a partnership, AMRN wont have it, wants full ownership or buyout, clearly stated on CC. that said, there was a piece out earlier this afternoon about Pfizer registering trademarks for AMRN like product, further suggesting ownership intentions. i see that as big news.

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      • I know Roseman-- but remember Pfizer paid 99 billion$ for Warner Lambert eventually. 2 years before that Warner Lambert was going to get no more than 30 billion$.
        Courtship showed/proved to Pfizer that this product is a big blockbuster.
        Merck looked at Lipitor also-but their market research ignored outcome study variable.Had they known it,they would have kept PFIZER out of this Statin business.
        Please read the article in Fortune 2003/01/20--The $10 Billion PILL

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    • Pfe bought Wyeth out right a few yrs back. I knew about it because I was in Elan and Wyeth and Elan had a partnership in a now failed Alzheimer drug bapineuzumab.

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      • There is a difference.
        1) Untested products.Bristol Myers paid billions for Hep.C drug in develop.--which was pulled out from testing based on a from FDA--as they reported a death.BMY stock dropped 7% that day. Alzheimer drug fits that.
        2) Even with Lipitor--its potential in 1997 was unknown--Merck market research looked at it but missed one aspect that appealed to consumers.Pfizer picked on that aspect and based its marketing on that--and WOW. Once they saw Lipitor gain 18% market share in 2 years--then Warner Lambert was a hot co.-so bidding war broke-costing Pfizer 99 bil.$ to acquire Warner Lambert as MERCK wanted it also. LIPITOR was known product with consumers.
        3) Vascepa is also similar--no major side effects--Patent protection getting better.Anchor 3 trials for 200mg.population available.REDUCE-IT study most likely to be positive based on EPADEL study in Japan in 1999-2005. Anchor population is much bigger than Marine population.
        4) There are always some risks--that is why Pfizer would prefer to market Vascepa and then pay 40$/share 2 years later--rather than pay 30-35$/share now.
        5) Amarin prefers BUY OUT--no partnership--but good marketing can make Vascepa a 5-6 billion$ opportunity vs. 2-3 billion$ if Amarin had to do it alone.
        COURTSHIP will benefit Amarin as it did Warner Lambert.
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    • The title of Fortune article in 2003 is:
      The $10 Billion Pill Hold the fries,please,Lipitor
      It appeared in Fortune written by J Simons
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