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  • livinlifeveryday livinlifeveryday Sep 11, 2012 2:20 PM Flag

    AMRN now has best Statin in the world for cholesterol-lowering market

    Hello ??? Anyone get this yet?

    This is huge - its over $30B / year today and Amarin wlil have the best Statin in the world in the largest drug mkt ; the cholesterol-lowering market

    come on folks.,.... its not $30 any more - $60 maybe more

    do the Arithmetic

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    • Bump

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    • I agree with your find. This is huge news. Needs to be out to the masses!!

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    • Bump

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    • This needs to get out to the masses. This is huge!! 60.00 may be low.

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    • Livin
      I appreciate your enthusiasm and enjoy reading your posts but I have a somewhat different view.
      Anyone who has serious Lipid disorders would probably prefer a Crestor / Vascepa combo ( AZN and Amarin )

      Crestor is seen as the strongest LDL cholesterol lowering drug --- in fact the folks running the Reduce it trial switched me from Lipitor to Crestor in an attempt to get my LDL low enough to qualify for the trial.
      Also as a practical matter ---max dose Lipitor is a large pill --twice the size of max dose Crestor ---so I can't imagine what a combo Lipitor /Vascepa pill would look like or how many i would have to take.

      If Vascepa is available seperately --I'll probably just keep taking it with Crestor ---as a lot of of others will also.
      I may consider switching to generic Lipitor and Vascepa as a cost savings ---that may be a big incentive for many.

      Whats interesting to me ( I'm long AMRN ) is that Amarin is working with Pfizer and this may ( speculating here ) extend into marketing ( as Pfizer did with Warner Lambert years ago for the Lipitor launch)

      Why didn't the stock price jump ? Well anyone with mixed dyslipidemia expects to be taking Vascepa with the current statin we are taking --- it doesn't matter a great deal who they combine with -.
      Purified EPA is very easy to take and tolerate ---finding a statin that you can tolerate at the dose you need is another matter.

      Re the current Forbes article meta analysis ---well its 1.5 gms of largely EPA/DHA ---that they aren't finding much benefit does not surprise me .
      Taking 6 times that dose in the form of purified EPA is a whole different matter.
      I think Ktsvens made some good points --- its negative for EPA/DHA fish oils and hopefully positive for pure EPA -Vascepa ---- but we are relying a lot on the Jelis trial to show the clinical benefit until we see results from Reduce it .

      Physicians will still prescribe meds to lower TG's however and from what I have read Vascepa is the safest and easiest to take to achieve that goal.
      Theres an article in Medscape " New Clinical guidelines for the treating , screening hypertriglyceridemia " Micheal O'Riordan that's worth reading --others may have mentioned it.


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      • 1 Reply to akanz2
      • Excellent post, one thing missing is the selling power of big pharma. They will sell the benefits of the combo drug because it will not have generic competition, so whomever gets AMRN will likely be able sell the combo very well. Pfizer probably has the best sales force in this area already and the most to lose by the combo of losing to generics and then having another statin with Vascepa and thus clearly to me the company most needing to scoop up AMRN

    • I find it odd that this didn't go further than the various message boards today.

    • livin life---quit spewing lies. there is no cholesterol effect of any great consequence with AMRN. What Vascepaa has over Lovaza (based on clinical trials only) is a better effect on HDL--that is the good or "happy" cholesterol.

      it will never compete with any cholesterol drug.

    • Another reason why Amarin is worth north of $30 / pps on a buy out.

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    • Question: Now that the Lipitor patents have expired, do the generic makers get to use the name of atorvastatin or does it apply only to the original Lipitor brand?
      In otherwords, when we see atorvastatin in that document does it specifically apply to PFE and not a generic company?

    • It branches it out of high trig market into cholesterol market now too.
      I am astonished that pps hasn't rocketed.

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