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  • mtdsus mtdsus Oct 7, 2012 12:28 PM Flag

    Amarin's worth is based on: Patented Products with Superior proven performance & Management team.

    In my years of being in business-- I have learnt Management Team is very important. You can have great products--but they can deliver fair results under fair
    Vertex is a recent example.
    Does Amarin have great product? I think so.
    Does Amarin have great management team? I think so--especially for hiring Paul Huff by Joe Zakrzewski.
    Amarin has hired top talent in R&D,legal affairs,external attorneys,top patent law firm.
    Look at 889 patent--- It is now going to be issued on Oct.23,2012. Normally it takes one to two years.
    When 889 was rejected,Joe cited 25 patents. I did not believe him.But now I see 7 of them close to being issued.My confidence--that Amarin can protect its territory until 2030 looks better.
    Having said that: Remember Competition is a MOVING TARGET.
    Merck had patents for ZOCOR---they lived in dream world that they have protection for many years and they pooh-poohed Lipitor's patents. WELL THEY WERE WRONG.
    Even CRESTOR by AZN surprised Pfizer and others-Lipitor sales peaked at 10 bill.$ as Crestor took away 6.5 billion$ from Statin market.
    WILL SOMEONE come up with a BETTER Product that lowers Cholestrols and Trigylcerides and other Heart profile? Many are working on it--but results are so far not very promising.Sanofi has a better product that may be available in 2016.But that is in Statin family also.
    I think-- buyout of Amarin is going on. But the problem is BID & ASK.
    In April,2011--Bid was 15$ -Joe wanted 30$. (reported by Bloomberg with Joe's comment in June,2011).
    Now bid is in low 20's-- Joe wants 35$/Share.
    Goldman Sachs or Lazard can bring the parties closer as GS did with Amylin in July.2012.
    If not,then we may have to wait till 2014.

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    • Mtd, I agree with Akanz and you're both great assets to the board.

      I don't think AMRN or their suitor(s), will sit on their hands. Even the analysts are greatly interested in the prospect of a combo drug. At the last cc, one analyst went so far as to question Joe Z further about the statin-Vascepa study to be announced later this year. Said analyst asked if it would be a "spray-coated" pill. Joe remained coy saying that for competitive reasons he wouldn't give out such details at this time.

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    • Mtdsus
      Thanks for all the great info and perspective .
      You are a great asset to this MB

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