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  • mtdsus mtdsus Oct 8, 2012 9:58 AM Flag

    Buyouts happen with Financial advisors in the middle.

    Buyouts is a long process.It is moved to final reality with the help of Financial advisors.
    Reason: They get paid for concluding deals.They provide data to convince the Board of Directors and against any lawsuit by disgruntled share holder.
    I think Lazard is assisting Amarin now as they were last year.

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    • MTD
      Most people here know what financial advisors do and they get paid for their work! They also know that Lazard was appointed AMRN's financial advisor two years ago.

    • Quiet Period timespan depends upon satisfactory conclusion of final decision to MARKET VASCEPA. Amarin will do full effort to pursue ALL OPTIONS before choosing FINAL DECISION.They are not bound by any artificial deadline .
      They have to satisfy 3 large shareholders on their Board of Directors.Hasty decision could get Joe Zakrzewski in trouble.
      Joe has been building Strong leadership for 18 months.Do you know how much Amarin paid to Hire PAUL HUFF?

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    • Let's take Amylin or Pharmaccett buyout?
      Amylin got a bid for 22$/share in April,2012(reported by Bollomberg)--CEO won't comment or tell largest shareholder and Director-Ichan. Ichan filed law suit for disclosure.Finally CEO agreed to hire 2 financial advisors to help in Buyout and Ichan withdrew his lawsuit. Deal was announced in July,2012. Took 3 months with big shareholders forcing his hand. Amylyn had sales of 562 mil.$ in USA in 2011. So BMY and AZN could project sales themselves rather than rely on Goldman Sachs estimates along with AMLN internal long term projections(See SEC report).
      Pharmaccett had NO sales--were in phase 3 trials. MERCK was not willing to risk their money for SO CALLED superior prod.with cure rate for Hep.C of 90-95% compared to their own product with cure rate under 70%. Gilead Science had bought HIV patented co.from a famous inventor and were pleased with their purchase of HIV at expensive price.SAME inventor was behind HEP.C new product for Hep.C(being pursued by Pharmaccett,Inhibitex and Identix). The problem was size of population in trial 1 and 2. I saw the stock move up and up--- bought and sold half with RUMORS floating around.After 11 months--was shocked to hear about BUYOUT by Gilead Science for 11 bill.$. Unbelievable price. SEC reports call A,B,C,,D,E co. bidding thru middleman-financial-advisor. THERE WAS NEVER ANY CONFIRMED media report of BUYOUT in progress.
      So Buyouts are Not reported by Media--unless middleman wants to leak the information.

    • Partnership can happen with direct talks by Amarin and Pfizer as happened with Warner Lambert and Pfizer in 1996 for Lipitor.However they can get messy if someone wants to buy them--as lawsuits between Amer.Home Prod. and Pfizer in 1999.
      Pfizer & Astra Zeneca signed a marketing deal for Nexium in Over the Counter market for 2014 recently without a middleman.
      The problem is: 3 of large investors in Amarin want to see a BUYOUT to CASH OUT.So Joe Z. keeps that on his agenda--rather than announce Self marketing in USA and partnership outside USA.

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