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  • oteensdad oteensdad Oct 8, 2012 12:39 PM Flag

    Check out StreetInsider for much more detail on Canaccord's stellar forecast for AMRN

    Nice picture/table. It says: "depending on a number of factors, the pps will be somewhere between $16 and $78".

    I can promise you with even greater confidence that the price will be somewhere between $8 and $88 (depending on a number of factors). Mark my words!

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    • I concur. For a "professional" analyst, or an analyst agency, to predict such a range --- from 16 to 78 --- with an average of 47.... giving standard deviation from the mean in such an outrageous manner... it is not very credible.

      It's just SLIGHTLY worse than that to say something totally out of the blue, without any analysis whatsoever, like this: "Depends on a number of factors, I predict AMRN to have an ultimate PPS of 5 and 60, with a confidence level of, oh, say, 99.5%"

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      • Kind of like a GPS that gives you a position of " somewhere between downtown Philadelphia and Madeira Island off the coast of Africa". Ritu also covered AVNR with double digit price targets before their approval. I'm certainly not comparing AMRN with AVNR but we see how her call on that worked out. A report and analysis that broad is useless. She could have just as easily and more honestly said " I have no real idea".
        She is a nice looking babe though............

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