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  • studythosestocks studythosestocks Oct 10, 2012 5:58 PM Flag

    Latest on patent app 885

    It appears that the third time is the charm.

    Dispatch to FDC finally went through and today the patent office is posting "Issue Notification Mailed".

    Tomorrow we should see "Email Notification"

    About 20 days from now which will put it right at the end of October, we should see "Recordation of Patent Grant Mailed".

    was the last piece that the FDA needed in place. Expect NCE at or around November 16th IMO.

    I still think we may drift into the low 10's between now and then but an excellent buying opportunity for those who have played this correctly.


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    • Played it correctly, surely you jest, more like got lucky and sold at $15. Who woulda have known NCE decision would be delayed from August this long and how much longer? It seems that recent patent news has not moved the pps and i susupect this 885 will not either. The nce if granted will move the pps short term but until their is more clarification on which of the 3 options amrn choses the pps will continue to flounder

    • If you go to USPTIO PAIR --Not transaction tab--you will see issue date of 10/30/2012.
      So 885 patent will be issued this month.
      In a few days-we should see Email notification which will show PATENT# assigned to 885.

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      • Thanks Gentleman for clarification on the patent date. This should certainly make it by EOM and be included in next months OB.

        Expect Amarin to come forward with another 4 or so patents in the next few months as well.

        With the patent of 885, this opens up now the ability of 13/458,496 which also is a "stable pharma composition and methods of using same" application to move forward since it claimed benefits pending approval of 885.

        There are also 3 more patents in the back ground that should start moving forward since they also claimed benefits from 885 and were filed on 9-13-12 but have not been publicly posted yet. I do not know their title.

        Don't underestimate the importance of this patent being approved.

        AMRN is developing very strong patent protection around their drug.

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      • 889 & 145 get issued 10-23, 885 gets issued 10-30...should post three patents in November OB regardless of the FDA's NCE "decision".

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