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  • sarathsathkumara sarathsathkumara Oct 11, 2012 12:51 AM Flag

    Anatomy of a Biotech Sale....

    Hi Akanz:

    Wait, you can buy this at $7 the day they announce hiring sales people and going alone. That is my guess. It looks like they are getting close to this (language in the 8K) if no one makes an offer within a month to buy AMRN.

    A company can run out $250mm very quickly launching a product and once they start hiring. Huff alone gets $8mm according to MTDS without making a $1 in sales. Interesting way to incentivize sales people!

    Analysts who cover this company know something about biotech. They look at many companies and of course they are not accurate all the time. But this is what they do for living and their reputation/jobs are at stake whenever they make a wrong call. One should not just dismiss them as nothing.

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    • I have a hard time believing some analysts when they suggest a $15/share buyout is possible.

    • They're not going it alone. AMRN will either partner or sell the company.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Sarathsath, I find your posts most astute and appreciate them. I agree with your $7 (i was thinking $8ish) assessment and AMRN has said flat out that they will need to raise additional funds if they go it alone, so, another plunge in the making.
      I truly hope a self launch is not their plan.

    • Hi Sarath
      Thanks for posting . I enjoy reading all informed pts of view especially if they are different from my own.
      As I have stated earlier ...I raised some cash several weeks ago because I did not agree with the " BO this weekend " view often seen on this board .....altho I would be happy to be proven wrong.
      I started investing some of that cash yesterday and will invest more if the PPS heads lower.

      I fully expect them to go it alone initially and agree with JL that the quiet period is more likely to be related to a possible marketing / distribution agreement then the NCE .
      From what I can remember on the options awarded Mgt ...these guys are heavily incentivized to have a higher stock price by mid 2013 ....and I think they will for all the reasons I've mentioned before.

      Sentiment: Buy

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