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  • sarathsathkumara sarathsathkumara Oct 11, 2012 2:01 AM Flag

    Anatomy of a Biotech Sale....

    Bitotechs do not always sell out because they rune out money to do trials. there are many instances where they sell out after getting FDA approvals. It has everything to do with efficiency and Dollars.

    a BP like PFE, MRK or AZN has the infrastructure ( people, know-how, intl. presence, credibility etc.) in place to launch a CV drug quickly and efficiently. It cost them very little to launch a new product using their existing infrastructure.

    However, AMRN has to reinvent the wheel to do so. It takes time and money. And the the cost of all this has to be borne by just ONE product (there is nothing else even in the horizon!). This affects AMRN's bottom line. In a competitive world, time is a valuable commodity too.

    It is not about just launching a product. Any idiot can do that. It is about a launching a product in a timely fashion in the most efficient way so AMRN's bottom line is enhanced. It is the profitability that enhance the stock price not just sales! Some people here do not seem to understand this.


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