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  • amrn_wipeout amrn_wipeout Oct 11, 2012 10:22 AM Flag

    You REALLY think doc's will shift from a proven GSK backed product to unknown Vascepa, sold

    by a completely unknown micro company with no ohter products who also can be bankrupt at any time going forward??

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    • Why is Vascepa on the FDA's list of cardiac approved drugs and Lovaza is not? Why did Vasecpa's label include things that Lovaza does not? Why did Lovaza have to add a warning regarding AFib to its label and Vascepa did not?

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      • Dr.Bhatt would not agree to spend his time on useless product.He is principal investigator of Reduce-IT study. He is a top Cardiologist in USA. Read his profile.
        When Lipitor came out-Merck people did not think much of it in 1996.
        Around Dec.1997 or early 1998--Merck was shocked when Zocor sales dropped.
        Lipitor also conducted a study similar to Reduce-It--which showed superiority of Lipitor and Sales doubled.
        Same thing happened with Crestor--Jupitor study.

      • Means absolutely nothing, prescription omega's are basically for lowering very high trigs nothing else.

        Every serious doc recommend that patients take a high omega-3 quality supplement anyway and that is why the market for high trigs (Anchor) that AMRN "pumps" does not really exist.

        No one will basically prescribe Vascepa for anything but lowering trigs and Lovaza is far superior, both for the trig lowering and the total lipid profile (simple LDL are not relevant, only amateurs thinks that).

        And with with generic Lovaza from 2015, Amarin will lose money on every pill they sell (they can't charge more than Lovaza), all costs included.

        And this is why no one will buy or partner with AMRN and why Amarin will go bankrupt alone.

        And as you may have noticed, bankruptcy usually does not lead to a very favourable PPS development:)

    • what a dummy. docs don't even like to script lovaza now on account of LDL rise. why do you think this drug was made in the 1st place genius? LMAO... all the #$%$ ghat goes into a down day, then pops come and these stooges disappear back into their caves.

    • AMRN reps will be laughed out of every doc's office with their only product.

    • Inferior Vascepa will be left for dead by doc's, just like it's left for dead by big pharma! LMAFAO:)

    • MEDACorp surveyed 102 cardiologists, lipid specialists, and primary care physicians currently treating an aggregate of 84,331 dyslipidemia patients across a mix of practice settings. Highly consistent responses suggest physicians prefer the clinical profile of AMR101, and expect it to take share from Lovaza while also expanding the prescription Omega-3 mkt significantly.

      Reiterate Outperform rating and $25 fair value estimate in 12 months.

      We are encouraged by the degrees that physicians expect to use AMR101 in addition to/instead of current blockbuster drugs. Overall, specialists expect AMR101 to dominate the very high (TG 500mg/dL) and mixed dyslipidemia markets (TG 200-500mg/dL), and project use in 49% and 43% of pts, respectively, in three yrs.?....

      • Headwinds for Lovaza and fibrates fortify market opportunity
      for AMR101. Lovaza’s labeled indication (TG 500mg/dL) is relatively
      small and increased payor scrutiny may increasingly limit Lovaza use
      in patients with TGs below 500mg/dL, which now accounts for 75% of
      current Lovaza use according to survey respondents. Almost a third of
      physicians (29%) indicated that they are increasingly “asked to justify”
      their use of Lovaza in patients with TG 500mg/dL (and even Lovaza,
      if LDL is not at goal), highlighting the need for AMR101 which does not
      raise LDL in either patient group. Interestingly, specialists noted that CRP
      reduction and Apo-B reduction are the two most important features of
      TG lowering therapy; we see this as very positive for AMR101 which
      demonstrated significant reductions in each...

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • No way....No how. No Dr. will prescribe Joe's crap oil

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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