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  • invest83838 invest83838 Oct 23, 2012 9:26 AM Flag

    Stock Price is Proof

    that only a buyout will significantly (like double or more) the stock price anytime soon. Jesse and other true long term holders may be correct in their assessment that it is probably best for the company (long term) to go it alone but traders or is it traitors? (like me) want a quick spike in the price so I can sell and make a big gain before the USSA and World economy crashes and burns after Obama is re-elected by the truly ignorant masses in the USSA. After the crash, it will be immaterial whether or not Amarin has numerous patents.

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    • Post somewhere else. Off topic

    • Mull on this you right wing idiots on the board.

      America's best educated states & Obama's chances of winning these states as of Oct 23rd 2012


      10. Minnesota (96%)
      9. New York (100%)
      8. New Hampshire (69%)
      7. Virginia (50%)
      6. New Jersey (98%)
      5. Vermont (100%)
      4. Connecticut (99%)
      3. Colorado (51%)
      2. Maryland (100%)
      1. Massachusetts (100%)

      So, Massachusetts which knows Romney the best has rejected him outright. Why is that? Because they are best educated and most informed (as Romney likes to keep reminding us in the debates). They won't make the same mistake twice.

      America's worst educated states

      Obama's chances of winning these states as of Oct 23rd 2012

      10. Oklahoma (0%)
      9. Tennessee (0%)
      8. Indiana (0%)
      7. Nevada (67%)
      6. Alabama (0%)
      5. Louisiana (0%)
      4. Kentucky (0%)
      3. Arkansas (0%)
      2. Mississippi (0%)
      1. West Virginia (0%)

      Maybe, just maybe, the educated people don't buy the #$%$ on Fox News.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • jpro22 Feb 1, 2013 5:25 PM Flag

        This just shows that "educated" means indoctrinated by the left. With the benefit of time since your list was posted, we can clearly see how little being so-called educated matters when it comes to making a smart choice on who to vote for. "Literate idiots" is good description.

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      • huh????

      • what???

      • I see the ignorant masses have been at play all night. I find it fun to stir up ignorant masses into a frenzy. Ahande, although your reference of "best educated states" is questionable, since i live in one of your listed best educated states, I will accept your premise. However, it is well known that the "best educated" in certain subject can be very ignorant in other subjects. It is also well known that the northeastern Ivy league schools are the most prevalent schools for liberal brainwashing of their mushy mind young students. And no doubt the major problem we have today is so many mushy minds were purposely liberal brainwashed over the last 50+ years by the liberals in the education system, news media, and film/television. Hence, Barack Hussein Obama won by popular and electoral college vote in 2008. And, per my original post, he will most likley be elected again by the brainwashed sheeple. With their purposeful and obviously successful brainwashing initiatives over the last 50+ years, the Demoncraps have successfully turned the USA into the USSA and you "educated" but brainwashed lemmings are ignorant of reality. I suppose that when more of you become broke and the dollar becomes worthless and the price of gasoline is $10 or more per gallon, maybe you will then wake up to reality (but probably not since the brainwashing is so permanent) but it will be too late. Have a nice future liberal lemming!

    • Obama aint going to get re-elected so you will not have to worry about that.

    • Yes we can! Go obama the best of the best! He is an american hero!

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • Keep politics off the board..No one cares what you think. "After the crash.." I love it...doomsayer assholeslike you go back into your fuckingholes after your proven wrong about the "crash"..So go away.. It's so easy to predict bad news...because if you're wrong then no one cares because they;re happy your wrong ...and if you're right then you look smart. Go buy some bullets, gold , and a shelter and go hide till it's over you fuckingjackass...

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      • Right on wbill909!!!!!!

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      • I agree.... I'm so sick of the political nonsense and right wing bull crp especially. To me what they say and how they say it is no different than how Bashers attack a stock... they let name calling, convoluted logic, lack of facts (or selective facts), etc. "seem" to prove a point.... Crash and Burn = Obama... what total nonsense. It's a lot more complicated and complex that this and Obama if anything has at least stabilized an economy that was in free fall (working for a Company that went through 2 layoffs plus forced retirements in addition and is NOW making money hand over foot) I know had a lot to do with what the Obama administration did (not perfect, but they acted... like they did in Detroit).... now we've got a deficit issue for sure and that has to be addressed.. need to reduce regulations on business,... revise the tax policy... OK... yeah no more Politics on the board, but to me Bashers are Bashers whether it in in Politics or Stocks.... let's stick with Amarin making us rich .... soon.

        I expect a lot of slams to my comments here and a ton of thumbs down. So be it. I already voted by absentee so what's the point ? Bash away.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • An ignorant mass responds. Thanks for helping me prove my point!

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