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  • stillondgo stillondgo Nov 8, 2012 5:46 PM Flag

    OBAMA is Worthless ,Worse president ever..dark spot in our history.

    Big Liar and nothing has done ,just huge deficit, more people out of work, huge increased taxes and on and on except he helps his brothers and sisters with FREE CEll Phones and increased Welfare checks. You know working people pay for those Ugly Fat momas eating hamburgers at fast food chain stores. Disgusting.

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    • WOW. Stillondgo (kolemup) with a political post. Interesting. Sweating bullets with his short position.

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    • And your a big fat idiot because you barely know how to read let alone know how to do research and make up your own mind without being influenced by the people that want to control your fat @#$.
      Read just this one article if you know how to use a search engine. "Romney's Bailout Bonanza". And just take a look at the "Welfare Checks" Given out to some of the largest corporations in history who have consistently reported the highest quarterly earning ever. Well Darn it Elmer! now why would the guvment be a givin your tax dolars 2 a big company earning billions? Talk about Welfare! How about extortion and economical terrorism,,,,,,,,,read the article I gave you above. See if you can Identify the person who held a major Company hostage demanding the feds give him (who is already a multi millionaire) $350 Million. And see if you can understand what happend to thousands of AMERICANS, (not chinese) as the result of this mans endeavors. Pull your head out of where ever it is you got it that is making you whine so much and do some REAL research. you puto!

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