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  • doctorevensen doctorevensen Nov 14, 2012 1:22 PM Flag

    Chiral Switch and the NCE

    Disagree, read the labels for both drugs. Vascepa is labeled as cis isomer only!!!!! this is the key!!!! I have posted several times under investor hub in the amrn sec. look for DrEPE posts....and give me your feedback. I believe I hit the nail on the head with this DD. I think we have similar knowledge on the subject, and appreciate any intelligent feedback. I tried to post it here in the past but you can't cut and paste to this board and i type too slow .

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    • yes it's all cis in the label. AMRN is being very smart about this I have to say, trying to differentiate Vascepa from Lovaza as much as possible. Lovaza doesn't have it spelled out in details and its illustration of EPA formula is generic agnostic to chirality (Provona would have never thought about this threat a decade ago). So good for AMRN and all its investors!

      However it seems that EPA exists naturally as all cis-form as you can't find it in all trans form. Think about this - if it happens naturally as mixtures of cis and trans form and AMRN has to isolate all cis form, then its isolation costs are going to be SKY HIGH because no scaleable technology is currently available to isolate cis from trans or vice versa. If AMRN claims that its suppliers can do this, I will sell all my shares right away because I know for sure they're lying. In fact, I don't even think that any refinery in its right mind will be doing this kind of isolation in large scale as it's super expensive. In the lab probably.

      All in all, it's a smart game that AMRN is playing to get NCE. Let's see if FDA will play along with it.

    • interesting - we'll know soon enough if that does it

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