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  • mtdsus mtdsus Nov 17, 2012 4:28 PM Flag

    Astra Zeneca or Teva ? Who would be better for Amarin? I go with Daily Mail prediction-but I would like Pfizer over Teva.

    Among different suitors-- Here is the best suitors in the long run for Amarin.
    1) Pfizer-- it has the best marketing expertise in this area of Cardiovascular products and it needs new products badly and has lot of Cash.
    2) Astra Zeneca--very similar to Pfizer-it did a great job with CRESTOR-- with Jupiter trials. It is struggling with Amylin buyout and Ardea purchase.It has plent of Cash. But letting Pfizer sell Nexium in over the counter market worldwide puzzles me.
    3) TEVA-- tried to fight LOVAZA owners--lost in Courts. Has new CEO-who joined one year ago.He reorganized top leadership 10 days ago.They need New Products badly,but has limited Cash.
    Rumors are high for Astra Zeneca and Teva. Geoff Foster of Daily Mail hit the nail for Glaxo buyout of HGSI. Will he be right on Amarin?

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    • The Independent (UK) is out with another article mentioning that Soros bailed maybe after PDUFA? And mentioning sources on buyout. Excerpt below since yahoo is killing my links.

      The Independent, Sunday edition. November 18th, 2012

      "...Well-placed sources have indicated that Amarin will put itself up for sale in coming weeks following the regulatory rubberstamping. It is understood the drug firm has been approached by a number of major pharmaceutical players. Sources have told the Sunday Independent that Amarin is not interested in partnerships with other companies, preferring a complete sale.

      Amarin was set up by a number of heavy hitters from rival Irish firm Elan. It was chaired by Tom Lynch. Former Icon founder John Climax also served as a board member.

      The pharma business attracted backing from some of Ireland's wealthiest tycoons and entrepreneurs including the late Tony Ryan, founder of Ryanair, and billionaire Dermot Desmond. Tottenham Hotspur owner Joe Lewis also bought into Amarin in 2009 through his Tavistock investments vehicle...."

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      • 3 Replies to kaylawa
      • Amarin has a Director-Board member- Dr.Lars Ekman who held very senior position with ELAN.
        So the Independent article has good facts backed by SOURCES.
        I rechecked other BOARD members--They have IMPRESSIVE backgrounds in Pharma business.
        The responsibility of the Board members is to ensure a good CEO is at the helm of the co.
        They also ensure financial stability of the co.
        They review long term plans including top management credentials.
        Now a days--Board members are NOT rubber stamp directors as was the case 12 years ago. Board members are held accountable to shareholders.

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      • I knew about Abingworth and Orbimed--but not about these heavy hitters from ELAN and other major investors.It could be that they own less than 5%--and so are not reported in SEC filings.
        When the word-SOURCES is used--it means that it is very reliable information.
        Bloomberg wrote an article on Amylin--Bid by Bristol Myers--they used the word,"SOURCE". It was 100% correct as we found out in July,2012 filings with SEC.

    • I wouldn't be surprised to see Glaxo -GSK step in quickly and finalize the deal.

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