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  • tabloidjunke tabloidjunke Nov 19, 2012 3:02 PM Flag

    No News from Amarin

    I believe if there is no news from amarin by the middle of the next week, it means there is an immediate BO., Based on the observation, without NCE in the mid 20's, with NCE in the late 20's or very early 30's.
    if there are GIA, the stock will tank and will rise during feb with SNDA filings and a BO will happen in April or May based on AMRN's sales. If they are doing really well, BO will be in early 30's without NCE and may be around mid 30's or late 30's. If they have failed to launch this drug, may be BO is in early 20's or 20 without NCE and around mid 20's with NCE. Either way it looks like this company is looking for a BP in every direction..

    If this drug sucks, i have no clue the BO range will be..worst case 15 bucks and I believe this drug will do well based on the safety profile..this CEO either a smart guy or over optimistic..I still have my shares and planning to add a few if there is no news by the end of next week or if it drops below 10..what do u say guys??

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    • Guess no news is good news when there is one because the BO deal is almost set.

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    • this is getting so monotonous; are we going to start speculating at a nother 'quiet period'. how about we just say Joe is a f--kin' #$%$, as this notion of 'imminent' something has been churning for 2 years now.

    • I suspect it gets sold, and the price is the only holdup. If you were management and you could get a dollar or seven more for your shares based on the NCE, I would hope you would delay a sale, as well. And, as a buyer, I would rather pay ten percent more for something worth 25% more. I just don't expect them to go it alone. If they do, it is a tactic to obtain a bigger price.
      However, I also expected it to be sold by now, so what the ____ do I know?
      Good luck.

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    • Now a BO will only happen once the drug takes off in the market. Like Lovaza BO. We can make equal amount of money by wasting half the time, on some other stocks.

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      • If you really believe their won't be a BO soon then it makes sense to sell now and buy back in when the GIA is announced (which will drive the share price down quite a bit short term ... no predictions). I've debated this and feel that the BO is going to happen due primarily to the lack of "any" action on setting up marketing and sales. It would be absurd to not at least make some moves here, but they haven't. Either they are just too cheap (which isn't a bad thing) to spend money on something that is their worse case scenario anyway (i.e., why pay people if you are going to get rid of them in a few weeks?) or they are banking exclusively on a BO. If they are banking on the BO (indications of course point to this as well as Company statements) then all eggs are in one basket and they must be talking to various parties to make this happen. I agree it's just boiling down to the selling price right now and also Amarin is holding off making a deal pending possible good news on Anchor inclusion and/or NCE (which took a hit last week on timing anyway).

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