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  • williams4076 williams4076 Dec 3, 2012 7:09 AM Flag

    AZN's hiring a CV sales force (FACT) Amarin has stocked and priced Vascepa (?)

    AZN has "multiple" jobs posted for CV sales trainers with a goal to build a state of the art CV sales team. 97 positions are posted, positions range throughout the country. No CV sales positions are posted in the rest of the world. AZN's newest drug is Brilinta, it's a platelet inhibitor, targeted use is to compete with Plavix. Brilinta's sales are horrible (fact), but it's sold in Europe, UK, and the US...yet no CV jobs post across sea's...odd if these new sales positions are for Brilinta.

    It appears Amarin has priced Vascepa, you can't buy it yet. They have stocked it at 10 major commercial pharmacy retailers. The easy way to find the web site is to do a search for "Vascepa coupon". It's priced competitively with Lovaza and you can print a coupon off the (I'm sending my coupon to Akanz)

    Repeat, Vascepa is stocked and priced...not for sale...yet. Next step from Amarin is to reply to the thousands of providers that gave Amarin their emails through the Vascepa web site. Then it's game on!!! They have design a web based intial launch;). Marketing has already been done by Lovaza, we all know that Vascepa has the same indication it's just WAY better and doesn't increase your LDL's. (it of course is better in many ways but Akanz can educate you on those)

    IMO, AZN is working closely with Amarin and is currently the top bidder. If all negotiations are spoken nothing has to be disclosed. AZN has proven their commitment by hiring and Amarin has proven their commitment by setting the requested price.

    Good Luck

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    • father_mari Dec 3, 2012 8:30 AM Flag

      Williams4076 is the absolute last person you should listen to.

      Williams4076 didn't even know that Vascepa / AMR-101 is a purified "Fish Oil" just like other purified fish oils. Not chemically created in a lab.

      Exactly when did he finally realize that vascepa's EPA comes from Fish Oil?

      He was on this board posting for a very long time and did not even know that AMR-101/Vascepa was refined fish oil. He was arguing about AMR-101/Vascepa and didn't even know what is was. What a maroon.

      Read it and weep:

      • williams4076 Re: CAN I BUY - EPA with NO DHA today? 4-Jul-12 06:29 pm

      Plus EPA is made from the fish in the sea, correct?

      AMR101 is chemically engineered by a pharmaceutical company.

      With the Anchor and Marine indication, Plus EPA wouldn't pass the purity or supply demand for the REAL pharmaceutical grade AMR 101.

      • williams4076 Re: Question 2-Jul-12 10:18 pm

      It's produced in a lab not fished out of the sea. No drug developed from fish or krill products will be able to meet AMR 101 indication.

      • williams4076 Re: What would buyout offer be? 2-Jul-12 11:03 am

      Honestly, anything that has to be caught in a net will not fill the market need.

      What's the chemical entity that producing the results? EPA? Unknown?

      • williams4076 Re: PlusEPA only $1/gram on Amazon???? 1-Jul-12 06:39 pm

      Also made from fish...not enough fish caught to maintain the population that AMR 101 is marketing to.

      Fish breath?

      • williams4076 Re: gee-WEEZ, next Mon. is JULY 2nd. 27-Jun-12 11:20 pm

      AMR 101 doesn't kill any innocent fish, it made in a food lab.

      AMR 101 doesn't kill fish? Can we surgically remove the EPA and nurse the fish back to health and release them into the sea? Oh, you are saying that the EPA found in Vascepa/AMR-101 does not come from fish. Really? We make it in the lab? Created from what you dumb #$%$?


      He is a circus clown. Now he wants to tell you what he thinks is going on behind the scenes?

      Tell me clown, how do you get the EPA out of the fish without killing it?

      Take all your absurd opinions and shove them where the sun don't shine.

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    • I'm a bit confused.... If AMRN priced it and stocked it, it appears to me that they are gearing up for a GIA OR a partner deal which everyone here seems to be leaving out of the potential equation. On a GIA or a Partnership the stock will take a hit for the next few months until financials come out for Q1 sales. I think it's important to be realistic and not pump without still laying the fact that Joe still was adamant that he was looking at all 3 possibilities. If anyone doubts me, listen to the call again. He must have repeated 'partner' 4 times more than acquisition or GIA. The HAVE hired a head of sales but haven't hired the feet that will hit the street YET... again, listen and make your own conclusions. I am still holding 1000 shares which is one third of what I held 4 months ago. Yes they MAY get bought out which is why I hold 'some' but I'm not a fan of how Joe has played this and his continued sale of stock is so abnormal no matter what % of his holdings it is. AND, please don't give me any crap about it was 'planned sales' of stock... planned sales can be canceled, period. I say hold if you can afford a 'short term' 20% drop because long term this stock will be just fine.

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      • Trading

        Amarin is ready to GIA and could launch tomorrow, that the point. They don't need a sales force initially, they've set up a web based launch.

        Go to the Vascepa web site, state that your a provider, then put your email in. Amarin's going to notify providers when they can prescribe. One reason why Joe put off sales hires could've been the number of providers that submitted emails.

        Amarin will start the launch from a web based approach. IMO;)

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    • Williams, love the DD but why would AMRN limit itself to one suitor? Best case scenario for all shareholders. including BOD is for a bidding war. The only way I see them limiting themselves to one suitor is if it is one heck of an offer. Here's hoping you are right. :)

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