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  • jesse.livermore jesse.livermore Dec 7, 2012 7:03 AM Flag

    Great news...

    Regrets to all you get rich quick types...and adieu I guess...

    Do not have time to go into detail, but those of you who follow my posts know that this is what I have been predicting for the past two years...In the long run, GIA at this juncture is clearly the best option for AMRN...Joe Z, the AMRN board, the beneficial owners all agree...Now those of you with a little patience will have a chance to make a real score...

    ": ) JL

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    • Back to the future...this thread is simply way to long. I will offer opinions in a new thread

      ": ) JL

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    • Yes great news. Lets spend the next year or 2 year getting back to old highs of 2 years ago.

    • Change the word from portfolio to hoding!

    • Though I been around since August of 2011 I was guilty of anticipating a sell off and therefore I’ve been stressing myself out of with this anticipation for the last few months. No longer, hopefully! Listen to J.L. and when a buyout happens it happens. Hopefully this does end up being good news.

    • agree this is great news- clears the decks for action, eliminates the type of deadlocks like we see in Congress. this is one of the best bios in years with fda approval and solid patents. Question is -if fda denies NCE / 5years -is that now priced into the market or will be another SP hit in a week?

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    • I am with you JL on this. This was stated by me too although I wanted a BO so that I could take my money and invest elsewhere. BUt I guess i am now stuck for the long ride with JZ and his team.

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      • Hi Imran
        Thanks for that comment ---I wasn't offended. My change over the past week came as I tried to figure out if I would pay $8 a day for Vascepa on top of the other drugs Crestor , Zetia and maybe a blood pressure med that I need to pay for.
        My health plan at Kaiser won't pay for Crestor ( $4.50 a day ) Zetia ( $5 a day ) or Lovaza ( $8 a day ). I can't take lovaza anyway but I can be prescribed Vascepa ---its wether I want to pay $8 a day for it or continue with PLUSEPA at $4.60 a day.

        I think many of the 40m mixed dyslipidemia ( Anchor ) patients may be facing similar decisions
        Price matters

    • JL,

      I got it right (i.e., as to what you predicted). YES I remember you said this is what would happen and I disagreed (not strongly, but thought the chance of a buyout was better than the self launch).

      Now we just have longer to sit tight, but the payout will be bigger.

      Your Loyal Fan (one of many).


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    • agreed JL. 1 year from now this stock will be significantly higher than 10 dollars a share, holding and adding at these levels.

    • I wasn't a BOut believer..... but would have prefered it.
      I thought of partner and BOut after 6/12 months. But we're are here. Weighted&accepted risk.
      Oh, well.... It means we'll be bought-out well over 22/24$ than we would have been yesterday.

      How many sales reps. are they going to hire for the ANCHOR.... just comparing the 2 indications.
      Note that what they said yesterday, the figures do refer only to the marine.
      IMO - obviously if sales are good - weìll be bought out with no doubt after 2 months of ANCHOR sales.
      But just for talking, what figure are we talking about?

    • Great news indeed. Akanz...

      Background for others:
      Drugs on a formulary are usually grouped into tiers, and your co-payment is determined by the tier that your medication is on. A typical drug formulary includes three tiers.

      Tier 1 has the lowest co-payment and usually includes generic medications.

      Tier 2 has a higher co-payment than tier 1 and usually includes preferred brand name medications.

      Tier 3 has the highest co-payment and usually includes non-preferred brand name medications. Your health plan may place a medication in tier 3 because it is new and not yet proven to be safe or effective. Or, the medication may be in tier 3 because there is a similar drug on a lower tier of the formulary that may provide you with the same benefit at a lower cost.

      For some of these drugs, your health plan may have negotiated with a pharmaceutical company to obtain a lower price. In return, your health plan designates the medication as a "preferred drug" and hence makes it available in tier 2 rather than tier 3.

      JZ and launch team know how to breach Tier 2, they did it with Lovaza. He also commented on this yesterday. Your concern is valid, but even with Tier 3 co-pay, Vascepa will be close enough to go for the pharmaceudical FDA approved medication. Practitioners are encouraged to use evidence based medicine and OTC supplements are not eveidenced based.


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      • Will
        I agree that MD's will prescribe Vascepa ---the question is will patients pay for it if it cost $8 a day --or will patients seek alternative dietary supplements as is happening with Lovaza..

        See my note to Imra --- mixed dyslipidemia patients are often paying for several drugs and high TG's are usually seen as residual risk .. high LDL cholesterol is the primary risk --- so its how much do you want to pay to treat residual risk .

        Price matters

      • I think when enough doctors see real world results they will be all over the medical media and they, and their association spokesmen/women will be urging gov't and private insurers to subsidize this first in line drug to make it as affordable as possible. Also do not discount BASF deals and discounts to get the drug out there.

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