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  • croesus_intervention croesus_intervention Dec 19, 2012 8:39 AM Flag

    AF strikes again (and again) this morning...

    First he speculates about PFE laying off 20% of its work force indicating that they will not have a B/O for AMRN and then he "hunches" that Vascepa will be delayed due to supplier problems. What is his problem?

    Adam Feuerstein ‏@adamfeuerstein

    If $PFE was interested in partnering with, or even buying, $AMRN, why would it be firing 20% of its US primary care salesforce?

    New prediction: $AMRN Vascepa launch will be delayed due to supplier problems. You'll hear about this early next year. A hunch.

    So this simply confirms my belief that he is working to drive the price down on mere speculation so his HF friends can get out cheaply (or that they can BUY IN cheaper for the eventual big move up).

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    • JZ is doing exactly what he said they would be doing (from the Nov 8 CC)

      Similarly, Amarin has agreements with multiple active pharmaceutical ingredient suppliers, including Nisshin, the supplier group as part of our NDA. Amarin has been working with Chemport and BASF for over a year and we plan to submit sNDA's for both of these API suppliers around the end of this year.

      In parallel with qualifying these additional suppliers, Nisshin has been steadily producing API, which will be used to stock various wholesalers and advance of the planned Vascepa launch. Finally, we intend to submit a fourth supplier by the end of the first quarter of 2013.

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      • No one is saying management is not doing what they have to do now since announcing GIA.

        What I beleive some, like myself, who have lost over 35% of their value in the stock since GIA was announced, is that prior to the announcment, and for five months on end, the talk was "exciting times"ahead and an implication that they were discussing a buyout or partnership with someone for goodness sakes.

        That may have been the case. We might never know will we? But any viable offer that may have been made would have been required to be communicated to shareholders under Federal securities regs, so we can presume from that there were no such firm offers forthcoming during the last five months. Maybe talk, but talk to me is not "exciting times" unless it becomes something more. Better to stay silent in those situations IMHO.

    • was just about to comment on those statements. I do agree with him on Pfizer it would make no sense to lay off your sales force if your going to launch a new drug. As to a delayed launch i would think amrn has had time to gather enough supply. The only if would be can the only FDA approved producer of AMR-101 which is Mochida can fill the order, i dunno.....there will be no supply issue imo once the other suppliers become fda approved facilities but right now thats not the case. anyway AF does seem to have a much negative slant on AMRN no matter the news and just enjoys the pps going down, his tweets show his joy heck even his article with no substance show his joy.

    • his posts are just collusion for shorts. each twit and article is just a sell signal for the hedgies who throw the little dog a bone for his service.

    • Meaningless linkage to add credability to the desired specualtive fact. PFE is indeed laying off
      primary sales force as it has been in massive retooling of the way it delivers information in its marketing. This is a well reported and unassailable fact. Now you link that with a negative specualtion that you want to spread about potential supply issues with Vascepa and you have a classic AF attention getter. He is not about quality vetted information but about getting readers.
      Once again a "False Profit".

    • He is a hedge fund hack and hopefully one day ends up in jail

    • ...."delayed due to supplier problems...."
      2nd supplier application is a news only since today.

      2 questions:
      - how can whoever guess there will be problems, at this point with nothing known?
      - is it a crime wishing all the worst to an i.diot?

    • Who really gives a shyt what Fartstain has to say at this point??? I do not remember PFE even being a player in the buyout discussion. And now it has come down to supplier problems??? Looks like Fartstain is starting to dig from the bottom of the barrel to come up with some nugget of hope to keep the pps down. glta

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      • PFE was thrown around alot in articles and on this board, its just that Teva and AZN came out on a baseless article that said Teva in the forefront for buying amrn, but PFE was definately thrown around and with them laying off 20% of their sales force and amrn only having one fda approved facility to get amr-101 people are on edge. im long in the 5-6 range but getting awful close to my buyin point after getting so thrilled with the approval and ride to $15+. Now we know PFE is out we can focus on other pharmas that could have an interest in vascepa.

      • Now we are supposed to take "just a hunch" as intelligent reporting???? lmfao

    • He certainly does have an agenda against AMRN. If this all because they wouldn't return his phone call 10 months ago, he really is a pathetic POS. I assume there is another, more nefarious, motive.

      Sentiment: Buy

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