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  • stkhound2000 stkhound2000 Jan 3, 2013 8:23 PM Flag

    same ol' bs

    Anyone who quotes Cramer is an absolute loser! If you need his opinion you shouldn't be investing a dime. Cramer said this, Cramer said that...You should be ashamed of yourselves for being onw of his sheep. It reminds me of many of the anal-ists that come on a popular daily tv money show...where they show how his/her picks for last year are down about 40% and then they ask him/her what they like now!!! Only in America could this happen...would make a perfect skit for SNL. LOL

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    • I agree with Joe Fahmy "In defense of Jim Cramer". Basically as a TV person, JC's job is to say something everyday, actually lotsa things everyday, otherwise he'll be replaced. With that in mind, any retailer with half an oz of working/functioning white matter upstairs would never bother to ask JC's opinions much less follow them.
      The fact that JC keeps spouting non sense and bad advice on TV daily does not say anything about JC but it speaks volume about the chump retailers who ask his opinions. Remember that 90% of retailers exist to pay the vig and you understand why things stand as they are.

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