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  • longfcel longfcel Jan 6, 2013 4:02 AM Flag

    Only guesses: If Co-paying on TIER 3, what the cost for patients?

    Let's say this leak is correct: 204$ for 120 pils (1 gr).
    Means 6.8$ per day.
    The bottle would last 1 month.
    So 204$ per month.

    If co-payed, assuming TIER 3.
    What the usual cost for the patient?
    I have no idea what % is "absorbed" by TIER 3 (I'm from Italy).
    Is there a fixed % or can vary for every drug?


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    • For the moment the worst offer... :)....... comes from Williams.... $60 paid by patient and the rest paid by Ins-Companies.
      If so, I think is not so bad as Akanz mentioned days ago (he argued reasonably that main treat are costs for patients).
      It means 2$/day for a drug safe and effective: different from OTC supplement.


    • I have drugs insurance thru United Health Care.
      For 2013--for 90 days supply thru Caremark--
      Tier 1-- $10 Co Pay
      Tier 2-- $ 20 Co-Pay
      Tier 3-- $ 30 Co-Pay
      They say that if Generic exists for a drug--then they will charge me higher price.
      I made a mistake of sending a prescription for Lipitor --not generic. They charged me 103$ for 90 days--compared to 10$ for Generic. So now I buy Generic Lipitor only.
      I read the Medicare part D- Co pays for Tier 3 by United Health Care--they were higher than what I will be paying thru- Employer linked United Health Care drug plan.
      Medicare Advantage Plan says :
      45$ co pay for a one month(31 days) supply of Tier 3 drug
      135$ Co-pay for 3 months-90 days supply of Tier 3 drug.
      So Medicare plans charge don't give discount for ordering for 3 months.
      My plan does:
      CVS 30 days CO PAY is 25$ for Tier 3.
      Caremark 90 days Co-pay is 30$ for Tier 3. BIG out of pocket cost SAVING for 90 days supply.

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      • You are in luck. Per Kayla's link. United Healthcare will cover over 500 mg/dl, OR as continuation of therapy so you and your physician have some wiggle room. And, of course, this is United's early policy for their Oxford plans and will evolve favorably.

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    • Depends on the insurance company, but a $60 co-pay is reasonable. So $60 for the month and the insurance company pays the rest.



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    • Generally Tier 1 is about $10 (generics)....Tier 2 $25 (preferred branded)....Tier 3 $50 (available non-preferred)

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