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  • nofanofthis nofanofthis Jan 19, 2013 8:45 AM Flag

    Meaningless Posts

    I used to read this board nonstop... Now there is nothing left to report or give an opinion on and the activity on this board reflects this. Even AF and SR have nothing meaningful to add on SEEKING NONSENSE.... Unless you want to comment on chairs - really? Weird is all I can say. The spike yesterday had my hopes up that I could get myself out off BAG HOLDER status. The manipulation in the market really sucks and lack of communication from Amarin doesn't help any. Well, maybe next month our status will change with NCE, which supposedly means nothing or everything depending on who or when you talk to them. I can say this, as an investor novice, I learned a lot yesterday. I learned what it means to be on the inside, how people manipulate the market, and how there are all these people driving down to their Jersey Shore houses from NY in their Porshe or BMW. I can't say I blame them. If I knew how to spike a stock, and take advantage of it, I guess I would as well. Pretty cool actually. I just wish they would let me know the next time.... Fat chance of that I guess.... Maybe SR an AF are actually on the same team, sharing a cold one on Friday Night. Clinging their glasses together laughing at the average investor... Discussing what they are going to spin in the following week, and how to take advantage of it. Anyway.... If you read this far into my post, I apologize for my rant.... GLTA Shorts and Longs. I hope both of you can take advantage of the manipulation in either direction!!! Dropping my status to "HOLD"

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    • The market is stacked against the retail investor and its only getting worse. No wonder so many people don't want to invest in today's market. Biotech stocks have always been dangerous to invest in and now its almost not worth the risk. They use to pop after a drug was approved and now they barely budge. Yet any hint of bad news or no news ( as in nce decision) and it tanks. I guarantee if they finally do get nce approval it won't pop in share price nearly as much as it has dropped recently. I am down to owning 2 bios now armn and Arna. I played the armn buyout and lost. I will hold for 2 quarters of sales hope for a nce decision and pray a buyout is back on the table. I am playing Arna with hopes of big things in the obesity market. Time will tell how that goes. after that I am done with bio stocks for good. Just not worth the risk. The way things are going I will probably exit the market all together until they level the playing field for the retail investor......wishful thinking!

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      • Move over to the mortgage insurer's. RDN top pick MTG second. Both are way undervalued if you believe in housing recovery. 2013 will be a very good year for them. Double or triple.

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      • Swalchie....AGREE...we are pawns (and unfortunately NOT "pawn stars"). It is refreshing to read a post by someone who has not drunk the GIA KoolAid. The NCE decision is surely trying and unimaginable. What a fiasco in that regard. I believe it has an unintended effect that some may not grasp as well. The more time it takes for the NCE decision to be made the less the NCE decision becomes relevant and the more BP will shift their focus to actual sales results, supply chain, profits, etc. All of these test points would take time to develop and answer. I do not believe that an accurate read of sales will be able to be made in just 2 quarters. More sales quarters will be needed, especially if anyone on here in the GIA group expects a payout higher than a BO would bring. A BP is going to want to see some significant numbers to pay that price, and realistically the first 2-3 sales quarters are not going to do it. Too many on here think that the GIA path is the better one. It MAY be the better one in the LONG run but it is fraught with many possible perils that the GIA gang seem to overlook. Just how many small pharmas have been able to go this route? Successfully? And end up better off than a BO? Please name them. And just because the current Amarin team did this before is not a guarantee that it will be a repeat. If that was so then the PPS would reflect Wall Street's acknowledgement of their prior success with Lovaza. The PPS does not reflect this for the simple reason that a GIA path is difficult and long. Not to mention that even if everything goes smoothly, just how much time will it take to get a value that would equal what a BO would bring in the here and now. Before I get bashed about wanting a BO and not being in for the long haul as a true investor let me say "PLEASE". I have been in Amarin about a year and counting. That is not long enough? Besides when I (and anyone else reading this) does their DD and makes an investment decision you take into account the time factor of how long your investment will be tied up. Can we agree that in doing your DD if the time frame outlook changes you might then have picked a different avenue for that investment? If I wanted to wait 2-3 years for the payout I may have decided differently in what to invest in, or how much to put down. And finally a BO now does NOT interfere with those who want a higher PPS that a successful GIA path should bring. All you have to do if you believe a GIA strategy is better is to keep the stock of the BP firm that does the BO. Their PPS will now reflect that large windfall you are predicting.

      • swalchie, for all we know, NCE could come in February before sales start rolling in and then that might change things. Expect the unexpected.

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