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  • tabloidjunke tabloidjunke Jan 23, 2013 7:15 PM Flag

    First Script is free...25 off for the rest of the year

    it is awesome...hopefully, the words gets out to all the patients who are currently taking lovaza..

    Sentiment: Hold

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    • Bad sign. Having to give the shyt away is not a good sign at all. Most people who start will stop after a short period of time anyway and now they want to give it to them? We are looking at some real bad numbers come earnings time. It is going to sting the share price.

    • First free, Up to $75 off rest of the year. Patient pays $25. Not too shabby for a superior product and the bonus of no fishy aftertaste.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • $25? Sounds odd. Only one month free? Then $75 less the annual cost for the first year? Is that even a consideration for anybody? What is $1425 vs. $1350? You'll pay hundreds of dollars for your first doctors appointment alone, so there goes that $75 up in smoke. And would anybody give a shyt about $75 over one year anyway? You spend more on Starbucks in one month.

        I know if I can get the same thing, pure pharmaceutical grade EPA from a proven, well known suppliers, without all the hassles of doctors prescriptions and doctors blood tests and constant supervision and visits to the doctor every three months, I am pretty sure I, and 90% of the population will do just that.

        If you see the doctor 4 times a year at $250 a pop, that is $1000 just to obtain permission to buy EPA? Now add in the costs of all the blood tests. Blood tests will end up costing you at least $80 a pop out of pocket so there is another $200 to $300 per year.

        Now we are up to $1300 just for permission to buy EPA?

        Forget you. No, better yet F you!

        I can go buy the exact same stuff right now for free ...and....the pure pharmaceutical grade EPA that is available without the hassle of doctors and trips and prescriptions can be bought easily online and shipped to your home costs less per 1gm for exactly the same pure EPA. Check out the pure pharmaceutical grade EPA products available, pharmaceutical grade EPA doesn't come in good, better, best. It is all pharmaceutical grade EPA from the same suppliers.

        I will never spend $1300 just so that I can then spend another $3000 for something that everyone else in the world onlyis only paying $1800 for each year. If I can get 4gms of pure pharmaceutical grade EPA for $1800 per year instead of $4300.00, I am going to do it.

        And think of all the hours I won't have to spend in waiting rooms.

      • Look at the results of the OCEAN study, search this title

        Omega-3 fatty acids enter plaque, resulting in increased stability and less inflammation
        Article at the Heart org

        "Investigators report that EPA and DHA were rapidly taken up into the plaque. There was a significant 100% increase in EPA content in the plaque in patients supplemented with omega-3 fatty acids, but only a 10% nonsignificant increase in the uptake of DHA in the atherosclerotic plaque. The number of foam cells was significantly lower in those treated with fatty acids vs those randomized to placebo. "

        "In other words, the more EPA in the plaque, the less inflamed and more stable it is," said Calder.

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