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  • mtdsus mtdsus Jan 27, 2013 10:59 AM Flag

    Growth can be helped by informing your doctor/family/friends

    Lipitor when introduced in 1997--lacked full awareness--and faced armtwisting by Zocor and Pravachol sales persons.
    My arms were twisted by CVS/Caremark pharmacist-who changed my prescription from Lipitor to Pravachol and had the guts to say--For you Pravachol is better-as if he is my doctor.
    I prevailed in the end--but many are likely to accept the doctor or pharmacist's words.
    GSK/Lovaza also has speakers who are going around-saying--Lovaza is fine-don't worry about LDL-C increase by 49%--that is only true if your TG are higher than 1000mg./dl.
    I contacted one speaker from Utah-- he told me the above and said for you Fish Oil from Costco in 1400mg. is far cheaper as for TG level of 230mg./dl.--LDL-C does not go up much--only 6%.He sent me an article from Emory Univ. where Soni was listed also and was written in 2010.
    This speaker spoke to a Health Care group on Jan.18th,2013.
    I wish Vascepa label showed data on inflammation reduction--C-RP reduction by 22%--as I believe-- according to Dr.Mitsuhiro Yokoyama of Kobe Univ. that did 6 years study in Japan for 18,645 people--and subgroup of 14,981 with TG 150mg./dl and HDL 2.00 with average of 4.5.
    The results were great after 2 years of Jupiter study--because someone with C-RP=6.0 is a person about to have Coronary events--unless that high reading is caused by virus or some other illness and is temporary.
    Crestor reduces INFLAMMATION--but along with VASCEPA should do it faster.Vascepa does not have side effects except for one. CRESTOR has many side effects.
    So please tell your friends to take Statin that their doctor is giving--but add Vascepa to reduce Inflammation--to reduce the chances of Coronary Events.
    Dr.Yokoyama told theheart org reporter that Inflammation reduction is one reason for JELIS successful results.

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