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  • golongin2008 golongin2008 Jan 30, 2013 11:51 AM Flag

    Bottom Fish AFTER a NCE denial...Not before.

    On a NCE denial the stock goes into the 6's...THAT is the time to add to your positions, not now. What catalyst are you folks thinking is going to be so positive in the next few months that warrants adding to your positions now? Don't get it frankly. $8 is not the bottom. Learn to read a chart and come to your own conclusions.

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    • the way its going may not have to wait for $6's on a possible NCE denial, I have some dry powder and if it drops to 6's and then a nce denial load up....i dont expect this and dont want that for us longs but if just if that happened what a gift it would be.........

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      • jeff it may be a gift for you since your core is in the 3's I think??? Not sure what your average is or how much you made trading along the way but for longs like me who didn't trade any shares and hold a large amount of shares average is for me $10 some here much higher and don't have the dry powder to alter our average that much buying at $6 it would in no way shape or form be a gift.

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    • Seems to me if the "denial" was in order to be issued then it would of already passed. Their patent protections say volumes beyond NCE

      Juss sayin,,,

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    • go I know you are long and hold a ton of shares but dude c'mon yes you are correct if NCE is denied this next update February we will see the 6's but I believe the chances of this happening are less than 5%. As far as catalysts I think there is a 90% chance NCE is granted in February of March then BO talk will swirl again also we could get some positive early sales figures it's not all bad turn that frown upside down! LOL

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      • My negativity on the stock are only near term issues

        I think the patent portfolio is now quite strong. I got into the stock at $6.50 because I felt the patent issues were way over done at the time. I got my bounce to $16 on FDA approval and held because of all the buy out talk going around at the time. I wasn't the only one apparently except for management who took the opportunity to sell some stock.

        I think NCE will be denied on legal rationales. Approving Vascepa as a NCE drug would seem to set a very bad precedent for the FDA IMHO. Not talking about the science or wether or not it is warranted or not. Simply that the FDA is an administrative body who is big government personified, and they will take the easiest route around future litigation if possible, and NCE for Vascepa would certainly welcome litigation in the future by any number of "me too" drugs.

      • i want to buy options for later in the year at lowest price,,and lot of it,,please take it below 8 tomorrow. UAE investment form wants in for later this year. a 6 dollar wont be bad,,cheaper the better,,do what ever it takes to make it cheaper for us.
        Thanks in advance to the short are our friend.

    • I 90% expect NCE to come this month going on what was said at the JpM conference as well as the formation of the new NCE committee so wait it out at your own peril

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