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  • amarildose amarildose Feb 9, 2013 1:27 AM Flag

    Lova Sales and Marketing Teams


    most of your posts dont even dear reply buttons - must be a BeeEss detectors on yahoo.
    Below is the proof; you cant feign inept ineptness ( not that you needed to fake failure).
    So whats the story ? You out of here as promised or just another lying fake flake ?

    Re: Re: Re: Careful With All The Script Hoopla....

    by amarildose.Feb 7, 2013 12:00 AM.PermalinkGo to topic

    OK...Golol, Meeting your bid;

    I own 10K shares, Current shares average = 8.02 . Started lower, has been higher, but I trade.
    Exact totals subject to change at any moment.
    Interests in 10K options, various strikes and maturities.
    That could change at any moment.

    My posts on patents and the BASF /Equateq / PRON angle are objective enough ( I presume you MEANT objective, but during your top 10 legal education, you may have been sick the day they covered that).

    If you really want 'subjective', easy do; AMRN stands a great shot at earning NCE, provided the FDA wants to set precedent for NCE as a reward for progress/discovery, as HW intended to promote. The applicable regs were intended to prevent cheap shot NCEs from going to molecules that simply added a branch (salt / ester) that would metabolize to a previously approved drug in vivo. Refinements, for instance separating EPA & DHA, are not well addressed, hence the possible precedent aspect.

    If NCE is no go , AMRN is back on the patent fence, which seems very durable.

    Or a purely subjective position; AMRN is going to make a lot of money in due time.
    I will be there.

    z) My bases covered.

    NOW ... lets see if you can keep your word and I quote "Now you do both of the above and I promise to leave this message board and never post again! Promise!" So, huh?

    Be gone then, or renege on your oh so solemn promise. Ordinarily I wouldn't want to silence any voice, but YOU DID OFFER and you are throughly annoying with a thin skin thick head attitude and suspicious with "I'm long but everything is going so poorly" posts.

    Let's see if there is a man behind the mouth........

    But before you go, IF ( BIG if) you really were in law firm, then I should add that you were likely given the cheapest gold watch in the catalogue and a polite kick toward the door well before the norm, due to your pompous style which I describe better but I am still looking for the un-postable phrase that yahoo is finding.

    PS Tom Robbins could write cartwheels around Fitzgerald


    This topic is deleted.
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    • Amarildose...My last post to you.

      Of course I'm not leaving this message board. In fact, I will probably post more often now than I ever did. I mean how friggin dumb are you to believe "promises" and "words of honor" from anonymous people you've never met...will likely never meet...and have absolutely no allegiance whatsoever to you, or anything about you?

      My entire objective with you was to force you to ultimately come clean so everyone here could at least get a glimpse of the "man/girl" behind the mask of our message board Don Quixote. It worked too didn't it idiot stick?. My secondary objective was to drive you nuts with what I expect will be tirades of verbose written nothingness regarding my lack of honor, honesty, deceit, lies, you name it!Looking forward to guiding you into immediate responsive action but it will be no fun really as I will not respond to any more of your silly posts.

      I got my confession. Means to an end. I am a darn good lawyer by the way. All it took was a pretty please I "promise". Pulled that football right away just before you were going to kick it huh? LOL! I

      Adios Amarillo!

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