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  • ski8688 ski8688 Feb 21, 2013 7:29 AM Flag

    Very positive comments about JZ in "Recognizing Leadership In Biotech: A Critical Facet Of The Diligence Process"

    "Recognizing Leadership In Biotech: A Critical Facet Of The Diligence Process"
    by Nouvelle Asset Management, February 21, 2013

    from the article:

    "An excellent example of the strength that comes with quality executives can be found in the developer of Vascepa, Amarin Plc (AMRN). Love it or hate it, Amarin's successful refocusing under the guidance of CEO Joe Zakrzewski should be applauded.

    Zakrzewski joined Amarin's Board of Directors in January 2010 and took the helm as CEO in November of the same year. At the time of his appointment to the Board, Amarin's market cap was just $137M; it had doubled to $300M by the time he was appointed CEO.

    Under Zakrzewski's leadership, the company executed flawlessly on completing clinical trials for AMR-101 (now known as Vascepa), obtaining FDA approval for the compound, presenting and publishing peer-reviewed clinical data on the drug, and obtaining intellectual property to protect this version of concentrated fish oil through 2030 (the company continues to aggressively pursue patent protection).

    Amarin's market capitalization has grown to $1.3B - even higher last year at the peak of interest in Vascepa - and investors still have an opportunity to exit at a higher valuation if the company secures New Chemical Entity status and/or Amarin gets acquired, a heated discussion among investors. While Vascepa has already received approval for the treatment of high triglycerides (the MARINE indication), investors eagerly await the possible addition of the ANCHOR indication for the treatment of patients with high triglyceride levels who are also on statin therapy; it's a market considerably larger than the MARINE indication, and Amarin guides for the filing of a supplemental NDA by the end of February. Some might disagree with Zakrzewski's focus on the NCE designation, but his efforts since arriving at Amarin have been highly remunerative for its investors."

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    • The only thing that has been "highly remunerative" has been JZ and his insider boys selling stock at $14 a share while not dousing "buyout" rumors and talking about the exciting "next 90 days ahead"...Shareholders have sucked wind since July, 2012. Not sure what rose colored glasses the author is wearing, but I think AMRN "investors" could use a few dozen right about now.........

    • ski, stop reaching for straws. joe has led us into the abyss. stock price has been decimated. no transparency, no nce decision, pitiful drug launch to mention a few. the only thing that will move this stock is a buyout .you can't be happy with how this has played out.

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      • What straws? JZ has delivered on every point and I couldn't be more pleased with his leadership: 1) FDA Approval of Vascepa 2) Securing multiple patents with more on the way 3) Successful Launch of Vascepa 4) ANCHOR sNDA to be filed by end of Feb 5) REDUCE-IT study is under way. Remember, JZ can't control the FDA and NCE status. Regarding buyout, JZ hasn't heard a number that he likes from BP, therefore he chose to launch solo. Kudos to him! I'm all for getting the highest BO $ possible, and in the mean time, sell the heck out of Vascepa and crush Lovaza. The longer AMRN sells solo, the more the BO price increases. When the ANCHOR indication is approved, look out! My dollar cost average is $13 and I don't sweat it at all because I know that the ROI will be huge.

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      • I guess it comes down to expectations, the thing that will send the stock to 30-40 is Anchor and the large partner/sales force for Anchor. It's never been about initial launch and Marine indication but intitial script growth is promising, analysts expect they should reach preliminary goals. I'm not sure the no transparency comes from
        They have signed NDA's so can;t comment on buyout negotiations
        Pretty clearly stated no BO possible until NCE decision(decision out of control of management)
        NO dilutive financing
        Clearly stated launch time frame, clearly stated ANCHOE submission timing, clearly stated initial launch numbers are not that meaningful. I'm not sure where lack of transparency is a factor. They have been pretty transparent on everything they can be at the appropriate times.

    • thanks for posting this ski good read!!!

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