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  • onehandsome_mexican onehandsome_mexican Feb 25, 2013 3:49 PM Flag

    Big Joe wont deliver....

    He delivered big over a year ago... a big rumor that is. That there were more parties interested in his company than employees. He'll let you down again at the quarterly earnings. I'll buy at 6

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    • Okay Juan, I'm going to call you the One_Handed_Mexican, get it? Reading your monthly La Bamba magazine with the pretty girls in their string bikini's standing next to those fine rides with the chain steering wheels and hub caps spinners, sitting in the J-Jon during your lunch break kinda day.

      So, you whip out Ol one_eyed_joe, your very best friend and start slappin that monkey..... Yah know what I mean Vern?

    • yawn..soft bash ignore!

    • Will Not or Can Not.....big difference. I think he had something working and it hinged on NCE decision one way or the other, nothing has been decided on nce and it may never be decided who knows.....I dont know how much lower this goes but it will rebound as we head towards the March 15 OB update....we knocked on $9 i think it happens again, but like every month we may or may not get a decision.

    • Joe is full of #$%$. He lied about the more buyers interested then employees. He is a joke, rip off scam man. Riding on the coat tail of LOVAZA. That making money boat has sailed. Fish oil is dead. A joke. All the hype because of his last launched crusade with LOVAZA. Comparing it to Vacepa. He cashed in when it ran high. The load has been shot for this POS stock. Oh yeah wait a year for sales. Great investment scam. I am still waiting for the $12.90 a share were I bought. I have learned that Analysts are stuffed full of #$%$. Should have stuck with Zacks. They had this POS as a strong sell months a year ago.

    • Hello Mexican, having read your posts over the last month or so and given that I accept your trading activity at face value, you have finally revealed yourself as a quite clever soft basher. Congratulations, good luck and goodbye - you're off to Iggyville!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Yeah, he started those rumors cause he knew he was about to start selling boat loads of stock. He pumped a buyout, unloaded millions at $14+, then after he had his fill, announced GIA. And now the stock is about to go into the $7s. What he did was basically white collar criminal. "more interested parties than employees", "exciting 90 days", etc. All the while he was selling stock. Weird how when his sales were done then GIA was announced.

      So yeah, it's coming to fruition. This will sink to $6's, and after it sits there for months, management will finally realize they really messed up and there is NOTHING that can be done to get the stock back up (cause sales are going to be bad), and the stock will be sold for $9-$10. HGSI part deux.

      Greed killes another company and it's shareholders.

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