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  • golongin2008 golongin2008 Mar 1, 2013 3:06 PM Flag


    As an FYI....Lovaza did 185 million in their first full nine months of sales, and over 220 million for their first full year of sales. Is there anyone out there now who would not kiss the ground if we did even near 220 million in our first full year of Vascepa sales? Let's be serious JZ...To even imply we're selling better than Lovaza at virtually any stage is insane right about now....Show me time period..

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    • That is false. THe drug was launched as Omacor and they did not do 185m first 9 month lol.

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      • Moron wchuck idiot stick...Sorry...I was off a tad...Ghee wiz.

        From the Reliant Pharma IPO prosepectus.....

        "Lovaza" has sales of 154.2 million in 2006, it's " first full year of sales"....

        "Lovaza" had 206 million in sales in 9 months ending September, 2007.

        So Lovaza did 154 million versus the 185 million I erroneously posted...BFD.
        Do you get the idea or not? Over 12 mil a month in sales...Not 12 million a year like we are
        annualized at right about now...A month!

    • Lovaza first to market of a prescription fish oil pill.Unfair to expect Vascepa to hit those numbers their first year even with a better product.I think Vascepa might do 50-75mil range in 2013.
      Anchor indication in my opinion capable of doing twice as good first year as Lovaza did their first year.If approved for Anchor, 400mil+ first year is not far fetched.Docs will probably be prescribing it immediately on approval.

    • He said launch is ahead of where Lovaza was at three weeks. of course it is, they went through it green with Lovaza, much more experience now. Sales, he never said anything about beating first year sales. However, the Anchor population has no competition like Lovaza had so better comparison once they sell for Anchor. This is a different time and a different drug. Vascepa will far exceed Lovaza in lifetime sales so congrats for Lovaza winning year 1 sales. Big Whoop.

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      • Do any otherl longs except AK or I know, or have spoken with, any Cardiologists re Vasecepa...or Lovaza for that matter. If you do know some I would suggest that you give them a call and ask about
        Vascepa v Lovaza ,and if they're making the switch, and if not, why not at this time.

        Consider it part of your DD. Don't be surprised with their answers either. They're going to wait
        for Reduce IT type trial results. Some might prefer Vascepa over Lovaza for obvious reasons,
        but are not making the switch right now, but may do it down the road if justified by comparable
        price and insurance coverage. They will continue to recommend low dosage statins over
        either for low to moderate risk patients, and may advise either for higher risk patients as it
        "certainly can't hurt".....

        If I'm a liar show me by posting your conversations with various Cardiologists.
        I'm waiting........

    • no i want the decade old drug with side effects and fishy taste that raises my bad chol....please...don't give me broadband when i can have dial up...

    • Lovaza was the only game in town at the time, meaning it had no competition in the marketplace you moron. Vascepa will get there at some point. No one has suggested that Vasceap will do the same in 6 months. Once again, another attempt at a soft bash.

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      • Pressure getting to you? Calm down. Facts are facts...Live with it tagonails. The stock hasn't gone
        from 16 to 7's because there's some competition out there. Sales are a dismal failure IMHO. Read the transcript. When the CEO says we all need to be 'conservative" in our expectations and things are going
        "pretty" well, clue in. That's CEO language for we're going to be disappointed. The stock market is reacting accordingly. Just how friggin stupid are you?. Do you need a map or are ;you just clueless.
        Soft bash? LOL....I guess if the truth ends up being a "bash" so be it.

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