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  • mcshay_t mcshay_t Mar 2, 2013 8:47 PM Flag

    I refuse to believe we will go below $13.00

    There is no way AMRN will go from $16.00 down to $14.00.

    And if for some strange reason we fall to $14.00, I can tell you for certain that we will never go down to $13.00.

    And we all know that there is no way we will go below $13.00 per share.

    Safe to buy all you can at $14.00 per share. Trust us!

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    • todhale Mar 3, 2013 10:36 AM Flag

      LMFAO! So who is this, really? A brand new alias for someone who has been on message boards for a couple of years. Buh Bye.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Pretty stupid post, so if a stock goes down and you own it you lose money? ...and if it goes up and you own it you make money? WOW! Brilliant.
      So if a stock is 15 and goes to 7 and goes to 30 and you never sell you make money also? WOW! I'm a math wizard.
      What are you going to wisdom us with next:
      If you move your right foot forward and follow up that with your left you can walk forward?

    • A good lesson to learn for the herding crowd. Also another good tried and true lesson is that every stock has a bottom, especially those which are not in danger of bankruptcy. Whether 7.5 or 7 is the bottom I really can't tell, but it must be real close.

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      • Every stock has a bottom. Your mistake is that you are basing your guess at the bottom on nothing more than being relative to where the stock price HAS been. You figure that because it was $16 seven months ago, it must be a bargain at $7.55. Right?


        Τhe value of a company is up from $0. Calculate the value of the share price today. It is a lot lower than $7.55.

        Τhe future might bring a higher share price and you need to consider that as well, but for the near future this stock is not worth $7.55.

        Τhe bottom is not in.

        I saw a post where you say you bought twenty five thousand shares of AMRN at $12 per share.

        You even said back then, "Time to buy more then. The way I see it there is one less uncertainty. Price must be close to a bottom."

        Βut as you know, the share price continued to fall. It fell three dollars then it fell another two dollars from $12s to the $7s. Your losses are horrendous, but you can be glad you didn't buy in the $16, $15, $14, $13s like everyone else. Their losses are worse.

        Sentiment: Hold

      • Yes...And every rose has a thorn....LOL!

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