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  • antifraudcommission antifraudcommission Mar 3, 2013 9:18 AM Flag

    Open letter to the esteemed doctor jesse.livermoore

    I want to know.....

    Ηow stupid are you.....really?

    Ηow many sеvеnty onе yеar olds do you know who hang out on mеssagе boards onlinе?

    Ηow many sеvеnty onе yеar olds do you know who day-tradе risky biotеch stocks?

    Ηow many sеvеnty onе yеar old surgеons do you know who sign off with еmoticons?

    Ηow many sеvеnty onе yеar old surgеons arе only rеcеntly madе awarе of ЕPA еffеcts and arе now obsеssеd with thе latеst brand of ЕPA to bе offеrеd?

    Ηow many sеvеnty onе yеar old surgеons offеr anothеr purе ЕPA option whеn purе RX gradе ЕPA is and has bееn availablе for morе than tеn yеars?

    Ηow many sеvеnty onе yеar old Harvard Mеd School graduatеs spеll congratulations: congradulations, congrads? I don't know any High School studеnts who can't spеll congratulations.

    Ηow many 71 yеar old mеn would usе slang likе:

    "always about thе Bеnjamins"

    "Lеt's sее Ηmmm"


    "JMΗΟ....": )"

    "nuff said"



    "Thе truth sux..."

    "tia ..": ) JL"

    " lying SΟS../"

    "GLA ": ) JL"

    "You arе a PΟS on ignorе...."

    "Wеlcomе to ignorе pumpturd"

    "Hatе еffing liars...wеlcomе to ignorе"

    "This latеst littlе #$%$ movе thеy pullеd midway through options еx wееk rееks of markеt manipulation. Еvеryonе knows thеsе

    guys arе whorеs for thе hеdgiеs.."

    "you arе an еffing crееp..

    wеlcomе to ignorе"

    "you stupid f*cking #$%$..

    hе's f*cking еvеrybody еvеn foul smеll food stamp hos likе yoyu"

    Again, thеsе arе all quotеs cut from posts madе by jеssе.livеrmorе, a sеlf proclaimеd 71 yеar old surgеon.
    71 years old and posting like that???????? Come on man.

    This lying fraud should bе arrеstеd and chargеd with multiplе crimеs.

    Whilе hе rots in prison for his crimеs, hе should bе suеd by anybody еvеr hurt by his liеs and attеmpts at dеcеiving invеstors. Wipе him out so hе has to movе from his ratty onе room apartmеnt into a cardboard box on thе strееt until hе diеs from еxposurе. Lеt him diе with Civil Judgmеnt Liеns pushing down on his gravе and five more years of parole.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Jesse.TheFraud is back! Do they get the internet in prison?

    • jesse.livermoore might be in jail right now. He is a 100% fraud.

      • 1 Reply to chris_cracken
      • Actually Chris I will defend Jesse Livermore .
        JL is I believe 100% an MD and very knowledgeable in the science behind cardiovascular events .
        I'm saying that on the basis of my experience in a clinical trial testing fibrates to reverse coronary artery plaque build up as well as my time donating blood for research at UCSF Adult Lipid clinic ...I have lipid disorders.

        Where I have disagreed with JL , is on the business side of things ( I'm an ex CEO of a small sub chapter S Corp ...with partners and employees ...probably more employees in 2010 then Amrin had )..anyway JL is correct IMHO on the science its about business to market the drug and what kind of alliances or partnerships one can form.

        Partnerships are difficult ..I've been in a Corporate partnership for 10 yrs ...your share the risks as well as the benefits . The current CEO of Amarin does not seem to be willing to do that . His strategy is very much " go
        big or go home "...but JL is not to be blamed for that ...he is IMHO correct on the science .

    • Whatever happened to Dr. Jess? Was he locked up?

    • What happened to the fraud Jesse.Livermore? Did he get banned?

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Jesse Livermoor is a very well known........................................................................

      hack day trading piece of human garbage who lies about everything and doesn't realise how absurd he sounds and how obvious his lies are. He is not a doctor. He barely graduated from high school. He is a #$%$ clown.

      Sentiment: Hold

    • Does anybody think jesse.livermore is anything other than a #$%$ day trader spewing bad lies? None of his posts jive. He is an obvious pos day trader trying to influence you. Just read his posts, he couldn't be more obvious as a moron and a liar and a pos #$%$.

      Sentiment: Hold

    • You can report cyber fraud. Anybody pretendingn to be a Doctor on investment message boards and attempting to influence share price should be locked up .

    • When did Jesse ever say he was 71?

      • 1 Reply to highlandssquare
      • He posted many times that he is over 70 years old.

        He claims he is still a busy practicing surgeon. Yes, a 70 year old busy practicing surgeon?

        He claims he was a surgeon in the Vietnam war. He hadn't completed his surgical residency, but somehow he was a surgeon on the front lines?

        He claims he attended MIT and Harvard but he spells congratulations like this: CONGRADULATIONS. I don't know high school students that don't know how to spell congratulations. He also can't spell a lot of other high school level words.

        The funniest part of it all is that he claims to be a person in his 70's that is day-trading risky biotech stocks. What?

        Ok, he supposedly spent nearly five decades as a busy successful surgeon and we are suppose to believe he is risking his hard earned money gambling in high risk biotech stocks?

        People who earn in the top 10% of US workers (like a surgeon) for 5 decades do NOT gable in high risk biotech stocks. They don't need to. In fact, it would be idiotic to tread into higher risk investments.

        High end earners know how to save and invest their money so that it will be secure and growing for their entire working career. They retire wealthy and transition their very conservative investments into holding accounts that have no risk and are insured. When they hit the age of 70, they don't have any "investments" in stocks. None at all.

        And notice how he posts throughout the work day when most practicing physicians/surgeons are busy working? Dr. Livermore is a complete fraud.

    • Did he really post this: "you stupid f*cking #$%$.. hе's f*cking еvеrybody еvеn foul smеll food stamp hos likе yoyu"

      Grandpa, say it isn't so. How old is he? Seriously, what is livermore trying to pull here?

    • Jesse Livermore is a real hoot. None of his lies even make sense.

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