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  • golongin2008 golongin2008 Mar 9, 2013 5:33 PM Flag

    Hate Me But I've Been Right!

    I started questioning the investment thesis of this stock, and JL and his gang, and some of the pumpers that are still here, back in Sept-Dec of last year when the stock was still trading above $12. Looking back on my posts I was amazed how right my concerns were. Many of them unfortunately have come to full fruition.

    When the crowd shouts you down because you venture a dissenting opinion, you need to look at the make-up of those either owning the stock, or promoting it. Educated and sophisticated people don't act like that. Trailer trash and paid pumpers or dissenters do. You don't want to be in the same boat with trash. Trash are trash for a reason. This board has become over run with trash and the dregs of society. The people that are predominantly posting here now are the lowest of the low. I mean can you believe the hate and the psychological sordidness that comes out of such a sick and dysfunctional human beings as this Amarillo dude, and/or, the the identity theft poster? These people are pure psychological sickos....

    What have I said so wrong to deserve such hatred? I questioned GIA...Thought it was the dead wrong thing to do and I will be right in that respect. I said there were no buyers of AMRN and there weren't. I said no NCE, and there isn't going to be either. I said JL was a pure BS'er and I was right. All of his advice to the minions to keep buying stock at $15 and below was, and will continue to be, a disaster. He said NCE was basically a done deal. Not going to happen folks...sorry. He said 250 million plus in sales in year one. Not going to happen. He said $50 possible in 2014. Not going to happen either. He said a billion in sales in a few years. No way Jose.

    So all that I have questioned repeatedly has been right thus far. So why the hate? Because I didn't sugar coat it?. Because I don't say IMHO?. Because I tell it like it is?? Because I am not humble? Because you disagree with it? If I've been wrong thus far.. fine...But I haven't.'

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    • If you have mentioned my name you will hear from my lawyers very soon!!

    • You are pretty long winded but you are not right, yet . AFAIK, the fat lady hasn't sung yet. I've give it another 6 mos yet. If in two quarters, script trends are not positive and in 2 mos the FDA turned down the Anchor sNDA then I would pack it in. By now I am pretty sure you're a short. A small time short vs a big time one like Einhorn who brought down Green Mnt and NetFlix. Being a small time short and being vocal as you are, you need to have a thicker skin, the same advice goes for AF. What you do expect ? Admiration and adulation ? For that you need to stroke the common retailers bias the right way like SR. Lol. Personally I have no problem with small time shorts like yourself. It is a bit annoying but I am neither worried by any of your negative arguments nor AF's.

    • Sorry, but I refuse to hate you!

      About being right or not - it is way too soon to tell. Anyway, I am reading most of your posts and I share some of your opinions about some of the posters - which does not mean Amarin is not going to be successful in the long run!

    • The nce decision has been a long painful delay that has hurt the shareprice and the chances of a buyout. My guess is this goes on for awhile but you can't say for sure there will be no nce golong. As I have called out Williams for the same speculation. Nobody knows what the nce outcome will be until a decision is made public.

    • I an long, and just have a gut feeling that things may be turning. I can understand your feelings as it has happened to me on other Stock message boards.
      Personally, I like to hear inteligent views that differ from my own,so I don't hate you Bro! I hope going forward you are wrong, but don't worry about the the attacks. That is what the ignore option is for.

      Sentiment: Hold

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