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  • yellow.bluff yellow.bluff Mar 16, 2013 12:06 PM Flag

    David v Goliath - What if its not BP that launches a combo pill but AMRN?!

    How do the BPs react if they don't get to buy AMRN and launch a combo pill themselves? Lipitor off patent now, obviously. What doc wouldn't prescribe Lipitor/V in the same pill, Esp w Tier 2 now. Who will own the entire statin market then?

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    • So, AMR102 is the big Kahuna.
      Marine = 4 million patients in USA alone (most definitely most are using a Statin of some kind)
      Anchor = 40 million ( would include some of the population currently using statins)
      AMR102 = Patients using Statins and the number is...... 32 million + in 2011 (old article)
      So, roughly 40 Million Americans are on or close to being on Statin medication already
      Combine the 45+ age groups and both genders, and it comes out that one in four Americans, ages 45 and older, are taking a statin. There are roughly 127 million Americans over age 45. Presuming that there hasn’t been a big drop off in use since 2005-2008 (the latest period for the government health survey upon which these statistics are based) almost 32 million Americans take a statin. That’s the equivalent of the entire populations of Florida and Illinois combined.

      Plus, here's our own MB Poet Laureate Mr. James Davis in a Scientific American Article: Read the comments section; w*w.scientificamerican.c*m/article.cfm?id=statins-should-healthy-adults-over-50-take-them

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    • Of course Amarin is moving toward AMR102 (which will be combo pill Vascepa + statin). Vascepa is best in class by far, so it will be the combo pill of choice when it hits the market. The only question will be if Amarin will still be around by then, or if BP buys them out to get their hands on it. They all are well aware that Amarin's combo pill will be the gold standard. If Amarin continues to go it alone, builds a sales force to launch Anchor, and then gets the combo pill approved and launched, you're looking at a $100+ stock.

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