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  • red900901 red900901 Mar 17, 2013 10:31 AM Flag

    Is there a reason to hold this stock right now?


    Other than NCE, which now is put off for another month, at least, I can't see a reason to hold right now. It seems dead money until NCE or ANCHOR. Why not just use the money elsewhere, then buy back in before OB next month and every month until NCE or ANCHOR. This is not a bash, I like the company and the product, but the share price does not reflect its potential.

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    • It's still risky to sell shares. If you do believe there is a better opportunity elsewhere then perhaps you could sell some and make a profit and buy back in... but I would NEVER sell all my shares or even a majority (20-30% max). The sentiment for Amarin is still strong and catalysts could hit anytime driving the share price up 10-20% on moderately good news and more on really good news... If you are worried that quarterly results will drive the price down a bit more remember this is short term. Market penetration is just starting to ramp up, but all indications are that "at a minimum" Amarin will take over the Lovaza market. Don't down play the "huge" impact of significantly lower side effects for Vascepa vs Lovaza. Of course the Lipitor market will be penetrated with the approval of extended use approval. If Amarin doesn't sell then this is a $40-$60 stock in probably at most 2 years. NCE means very little now except that it will be played up and blown out of proportion by shorts if Amarin doesn't get it....For me I'm buying on dips as many shares as I can accumulate. I "did" sell a lot around $12 pps, but I believe firmly that the share price will be holding between $7 and $9 for now so selling now at the current price is pretty dumb to be honest.... If you know a "guaranteed" winner stock with little or no risk that you are considering shifting to let us know... From what I see with Biotechs across the board (mid/small) is that the risk with Amarin is pretty small by comparison.

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    • My other recent big stock holdings this year were Map Pharmaceuticals and Furiex Pharmaceuticals, felt like selling them for quite a while but sure glad holding them on their big catalyst days, would feel bad if I missed Amarin's

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    • That awful moment when you pull up stock news and see a major announcement sending the price soaring and you missed out

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    • I'm holding this stock and probably buy more because I make quite a bit of money with covered calls, selling the puts helps too.So, you see, making money with dead money is not that hard.LOL

    • One of these Mondays there will be a sudden, significant, and better than expected increase in weekly scripts. This catalyst will propel the stock forward when it occurs. This is the reason I am holding now and not trading the NCE run ups.

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    • red, if you need the money, then sell. If you don't, I recommend you hold. Look at the last 2 years of price action in the March & April time frame. I realize history doesn't always provide a clear prediction for the future, especially with biotechs, but I think the probability is significantly higher than 50% that we will see stock price gain, potentially significant, within the next month and a half.

    • Wow! You have to be kidding! The next 4-8 weeks will give a definitive answer to how sales is ramping. Remeber, tier-2 last week? In a few weeks, this should start reflecting in sales data. Every week now is exciting as we see how the early launch progresses. And believe me, this is what investors are watching. You can step out and wait for NCE, but the push for higher levels will come when you least expect it!

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    • let us know where you are going to get guaranteed gains while waiting.

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