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  • laura.abner laura.abner Mar 20, 2013 1:43 PM Flag

    Amarin needs to issue an update

    I understand Amarin is not required to issue updates, but at this point they may want to issue something on how they see scripts sales and/or doctors opinions (reception) on Vascepa. Anything to offset the negative opinion and reports affecting their shareholders. Surely they update the 5% holders, can they just give us some reassurance.

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    • Thank you for the replies. I know all of you are correct in that is too early to judge sales.
      Yet, I have been here about a year now (with a large amount of shares) and the manipulations seem to have more of an affect on lowering the share price than the positive catalysts they have achieved. Plus, every time I add shares (thinking it can only go higher), it goes lower. So, I am frustrated and inpatient today.

      This is only my second biotech stock since trading, what a learning experience. thank you to all for sharing your knowledge.

      I would like to add to my holdings, does any one have a magic ball that can tell whether it will go lower.

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      • Laura,
        While you're waiting for AMRN to reclaim the levels at which you bought it, you might want to consider putting your shares to work for you, by selling weekly call options (they expire each Friday). Or, if the premiums on the weekly's aren't high enough for you, then sell some April calls.

        Further, if you plan to add more shares to your account, I'd rather sell some naked puts to decrease the cost of share ownership. If the puts expire worthless, you keep the premiums. If assigned you will own more shares but at a cost less than if you simply bought the shares.

        Examples of selling weekly calls: Sell the March 22nd $8 call for 7 cents (you get $7 for each 100 shares you have). That call expires in two days. But today (Thursday) the March 29 calls become available so you can get higher premiums if desired.

        Examples of selling naked puts: sell the April 20th 8 put for 50 cents. If, in 4 weeks' time, the pps is above $8, you will keep the entire premium ($50 per contract), or if assigned you will buy AMRN for $7.50 net.

        There are lots of things you can do while being bored waiting for AMRN to come to life.

      • Laura.... Any time a stock tanks a Message Board will chalk it up to market "manipulation" somehow.
        This has been an orderly liquidation from around 9 IMHO. I personally think the stock tests $7.50 which is near term support. If it goes down from there it could test 7 then ultimately 6.50. Under $6.50 the stock technically would be a disaster.

        The difference between buying it at $7.50 or $7.80 is really not all that much. If you think positive news is coming on the stoock then you buy it now. If you're uncertain I'd wait and see if it can hold $7.50. But as I said not a big difference in price really from where it is currently. Granting of NCE could move the stock up as could any announcment of a partner for Reduce It. Ditto better sales. So if you're a long term holder it really doesn't matter all that much in the long run.

    • Well, the weekly scripts are already out there. Joe Z gave an update, but they do not know more than what the weekly updates say. They can tell if doctors are positive, which he said was their take on it, but to issue PR's/Updates on assumptions is not something that in the long run will reward the company. Joe specifically said we need to see 2-3 months of action before we can judge anythin and that by the next call (1Q earnings) he could go in to greater detail.. Thats what we have to deal with as investors. Meanwhile we have to watch the weekly and monthly scripts.

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    • Why do they need to issue an update when everything is going as planned? If you can't take any heat, you might want to invest in a money market fund. Otherwise, buy more shares and/or hold the ones you have. If you have enough, you are going to be rich(er).

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    • What negative opinion are you talking about? The opinion of low level bloggers and talking heads who throw out chum to scare the average investor? The words coming from individuals who don't understand the Pharma space and don't know the process of developing a company and ramping sales? Have no clinical cardiovascular experience. I have lead the introduction of 4 products for star-up companies. I know the process and cycle which Amarin finds itself. AMRN is doing just fine! Their sales are ahead of Lovaza at an equivalent phase of their growth. So, no AMRN does not need to say one word.

    • They said they would have more to say at 1Q CC. If you want to know reality it's pretty simple.

      Sales will be OK, it will take time to see large script growth so expect steady script growth.

      Sales for 2013 will be OK for a launch.

      Once NCE is decided/granted, Anchor is approved sales in 2014 will increase dramatically, maybe 10 times 2013 .

      So worrying about initial months scripts and sales and fretting over stock price for the next 2-3 months is not something management can and will comment on. They have a small sales force and have done a great job implementing various ways of getting the word out but it's main sales push is 100% ANCHOR. WS knows it and they know they don;t need to get in until June, until then, day traders will continue to swing it from 7-9 and make money.

      You really need to have a June time frame on the stock moving north, until then it is within a range here.

    • Laura...Ugh....Did you ever stop to consider that management may not have anything to say to offset
      the "truth"? If script sales are indeed "tepid" (lukewarm), maybe if they came out and said sales were going "gangbusters" it could place them in one of those Irish prisons some day. If there is no partner candidatei right now for Reduce IT, maybe telling us they're in advanced discussions with one might be a problem too? Just guessing....Sometimes there is silence by management for a reason.

    • laura I hear you but it would have to be something really substantial Joe already stated we were ahead of Lovaza in it's early stages and also that tier 2 switch was on it's way and that came to fruition quickly right now the only thing that is going to bump the PPS is a significant weekly jump in scripts obviously a 200 increase week over week is not cutting it for WS.

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