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  • golongin2008 golongin2008 Mar 21, 2013 9:35 PM Flag

    Probably My Last Day Owning AMRN...

    Tomorrow, if this stock hits $7.50, my stops will likely go off, and I will be totally out of AMRN. I will make a nice profit on 35k shares from $6.50 (with an average of $10 sales price having dumped half at $12.50 in 2012), but left a lot on the table. Leaving AMRN will be bitter sweet, but as always with stocks, another learning experience.

    There are some very fine, respectful, and knowledgeable people on this board. Jefferson, AK, and Oteens to name just a few. There are of course the converse here of poorly educated, disrespectful, and close minded
    young adults, with limited futures, and dysfunctional behavior. Tough to observe this knowing this is our country's future. Yes, I'm sure you don't get the cream of the crop posting on a Yahoo Message Board, but none-the-less, it's disheartening to see.

    As for me, I tried to be candid and honest about how I felt about this company, and it's current and future prospects. I've never been short this stock. Never! Management, I feel, was complacent to a degree in the resulting drop in the price of the stock. Their silence, both during the periods of buyout rumors, and really continuing through the present, was not comforting, either to shareholders, or the investment community in general. As shareholders, we have paid dearly for that silence to date.

    IMHO the company's very survival hangs in the balance within the next twelve to eighteen months.
    On fundamentals, even at $7, the stock is very over valued. I would be concerned there is no present announced partner for Reduce It. I would be concerned the company is $150 million in debt, and has pledged all of their assets to just one creditor. That basically means if they need future funding it will either have to be done through the current creditor, or through a very dilutive secondary stock offering. Sales are very anemic right now, and one can only hope they improve dramatically in the future. IMHO things might get worse before they get better. I hope not.


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    • golong, . You need to do what you need to do. This has not been easy since approval. Wish you the best.

    • whatever.

    • golong, do what you need to do - if you need the money now, by all means sell. But don't make the same mistake i did 2 year ago and cash out some during March and then watch it explode in April. I really think this will take off sometime within the next few months since this "grinding the Amarin investor down" feels alot like a couple of years ago.

    • You wrote: "poorly educated, disrespectful, and close minded young adults, with limited futures, and dysfunctional behavior".

      This reminds me of the goldfish' vent: "why does no-one ever wish for a good book instead of that effing palace or red sports car?"

    • Golong, I guess you mean next Monday.

      Yes, with the current trend, it will go below 7.50 next week. If you "must" sell, you may just as well do it at 7.68, before it hits 7.50. Good for you for being in the green.

      I also think things will get worse before they get better. However, I am still confident they will get much better eventually.

      Regarding your valuation, you are not taking into account several future milestones, such as Anchor and transition to Tier 2, to name just a few. Management has consistently delivered so far.

      I am sorry to see you go, but taking a profit is never bad, and one has to act upon one's convictions. I will miss your sharp darts and colorful vocabulary. Please drop by once in a while to say hello or eff-you (I am joking, I know you are not THAT blunt).

      Good luck!

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      • Oh, today is actually Friday, so yes, you did mean "tomorrow" (today). I am always mixing it up (our work week is Sunday-to-Thursday).

        Wildly O.T.: Obama is here. Half of the streets in Jerusalem are closed off. I don't know much about the political outcome of the visit, only that the women are envying y'all for your "handsome President".

    • I hope you find another message board to go to so you can tell all of them how much smarter you are than any of them.

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      • Don't see any posts of yours that have been so insightful. So you bought 60k shares of AMRN at $6.90 and watched it go to $16 and now back down into the 7's, and all the time simply calculating the buyout value for the company at a billion in sales at $35, then upwards from there? And you think you're pretty smart? At least I sold half of my position at $12.50...LOL! No wonder you're ticked but I'm not the problem pal. Hope it all works out for yah!

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