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  • amarildose amarildose Mar 22, 2013 12:09 AM Flag

    Golong Getoutta Heer already



    I would grudgingly accept another trip to 7.50, if it means you disappear for good. Wish there was some binding terms preventing you from buying back in .
    Probably buy myself a couple K traders just to celebrate and you can futter that I ought to be jailed for selling them next stop over 8.50.

    As warm up, I am sure you include me in your 'weep for the future' hypocrisy. Small favors. Allow me to save you some future medical treatment; if you start off an interaction with lame sexual insults, or criticizing some one for out shining you in some aspect during REAL LIFE, be sure to knot some floss around your dentures to help fish them out of your puckered parts after they get smacked down in return.

    Wait a minute, I'm 200% sure in REAL LIFE you are some milquetoast modest mouse, not the motor-mouthed mis-stating archie bunker talking out of both snides [sic] of your mouth that you play here, so who are we kidding ? The only lawyerly thing abut you has been you ability to hurl invective then feign hurt and look stunned when paid in kind.

    Next (no) thanks for your version of candid and honest, as merely the most recent example of you NOT knowing what Fe Thuck you are talking about, why oh WHY would Amarin want a REDUCE-IT partner ??? ??? ??? You mean the five~six year study currently underway? No? Um then you might mean the ANCHOR indication, which won't matter until MUCH LATER THIS YEAR and why negotiate that NOW ? (assuming they are not doing so in private, which would be a wise stance) . shees, what a 'tard. You are repeatedly so clueless on the most elemental aspects of this stock, nevertheless convinced you are Very Special, that I feel like passing the hat for a shiny new helmet and some crayons as a parting gift to you.

    This topic is deleted.
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