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  • akanz2 akanz2 Mar 27, 2013 10:47 PM Flag

    Battlegrounds -- Nat and Sharon with some OT to Jefferson , Phsaw and Tod

    First the OT --- Thanks Jefferson for that note about Dallas -Ft Worth ---one of the reasons I own EXP -- I just wanted to make people aware that there are other investment opportunities besides AMRN .
    Tod -- if you want to see where I grew up ( close to ) ...Lineup Lust --current issue of The Surfers Journal see page " A sheep and cattle ranch in the East cape "
    Phsaw --- you and I are are some of the few on this board that have been on a surgeons table with a wire inserted in our groin having blue dye and a fabulous opiate ( note to Tod ain't all bad ) pumped into our coronary arteries to detect blockage and wondering how we got here , and what we would do if we survived...... I very much appreciate your posts

    For the battlegrounds ---Nat and Sharon
    Nat --- you assume everyone is going to Lovaza once its generic because your " experts " say its so . Well I'm some one that actual knows some of your experts ---look up published work by Cardiologist / scientists from UCSF -- . These scientists have dedicated there professional lives to extending the life expectancy of coronary heart patients like myself and Phsaw.
    They acknowledge the importance of DHA ( in Lovaza ) BUT are driven by Outcome studies . If the Reduce it Outcome study shows benefit ( as I believe it will for those with high TG and low HDL ) then forget about Lovaza --generic or otherwise. Besides Lovaza has no benefit in lowering inflammation and will never be approved for mixed dyslipidemia patients.
    Sharon ---I have leap call 2014 options for AMRN --- IMHO until we get data from the Reduce it trial , and we may get some feed back in 2014 from Data monitoring committee , AMRN is preparing itself to survive --note recent SEC filings.
    This is NOT like the launch of Lipitor when I got free meds for months
    Until then I am following JL's advice and currently have the best lipid profile going back 25 yrs ....Williams , please pass on to JL at the IHUB board.

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    • AKA-NZ, thank you for the update and the humor. Wishing you good health and a very long, very active life (someone must be the first in their lineage to achieve that).

      Glad to hear the real estate and home-building sectors are picking up in the States and that this means your expertise is badly needed. (We haven't had such a major recession, so I don't even know what it is like to be hit by it.)

      To bring this back on the topic of AMRN and your cardiologists: do you think they will stop giving you a hard time as soon as the Anchor approval turns you into an esteemed member of the primary target population (read: "label")?

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      • Hi Oteen
        Good to hear from you .
        I titled the post " Battlegorunds" because that's how I experience this whole debate over Vasepa vs Lovaza vs DS alternatives vs ....should TG's under 500 even be medically treated.
        It all gets settled ( hopefully ) with Outcome data....and Amarin is the only one currently running an Omega 3 outcome trial
        Anchor approval certainly helps ..if MD's have a choice they will prescribe Vascepa on label vs Lovaza " off label "......,( note to the MD's on the board...that's what my wife , a PA says )
        Good luck

    • Three cheers AK for your candid and well thought out post to really all AMRN longs...It's going to be very interesting in the months and years ahead. All or nothing. Let's hope the company has the staying power to get Vascepa through the first few years, and then hopefully to the promised land, and beyond.

      As for other opportunities besides AMRN...I looked into one that was ironically mentioned here awhile back called TSRX. Looked solid with a nice niche antibiotic program that had benefits over existing ones. Low market cap. Sound management. Late clinicals that recently were released with excellent stat significant results. Anyway...I bought a large amount at 5.07 and it's now 7. Hopefully going to 12-15. Give it a look.
      Followed by quite a few firms and all with positive opinions it seems. IMHO of course...LOL!

    • Akanz

      What will your docs thnk once AMR102 data comes back and is compelling on V + statin combo? Will they give you a script?

      Also FYI everyone, AMRN sr mgt doing a day of meetings next Weds w JPM.

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      • Yellow...I presume the all day meetings with JPM next Wednesday are perhaps financing opportunities for 2014 requirements and not an investor presentation per se??

      • Hi Yellow Bluff
        For what its worth ---- I am trying to present my honest experience as a CAD ( coronary heart disease ) patient.
        I will try and respond as candidly as I can .
        First ---thanks for your referral to Artic EPA . My wife loves it for her athiritis and insists I order more . I almost gag on the pills --they are giant.
        The combo pill works for serious lipid disorder patients like myself ... in fact it would be great .
        For those with less serious disorders I think Cardiologists will want to mix and match to fine tune the therapy as Hardoc wrote. Primary care Docs usually just throw statin drugs at you . Cardiologists IMHO try to fine tune their meds to match your exact lipid disorder.
        RE getting a scrip --- To be fair to them ( my Doc's ) I took and paid for Zetia for at least a year only to have a Cardiologist from UCSF call me to say " Well we are not sure if it will work but you should keep taking it "
        so I went off it for years ... now that the Outcome data is due for Zetia in 2014 I'm back on it again at my full expense.
        Since the THRIVE trial ---none of them are asking me to take Niacin. Millions were spent on this drug and it was a total pain to take IMHO
        Re Vascepa --- They would love Outcome data showing Vascepa works in reducing CV risk weither its in combo or not is not that important to them . The ULTIMATE trial shows the benefit of combo drugs but for now only the Jupiter trial with Crestor shows clinical benefit of statins reducing CV events --wether thats because the statin lowered LDL cholesterol or inflammation ( HsCrp ) I'll let others opine.

        Yellow Bluff
        Good to hear from you

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