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  • pkarnett83 pkarnett83 Apr 3, 2013 4:31 PM Flag

    AMRN can learn from OPTR

    Apparently AMRN management has absolutely no clue on how to get a required BO price. So let's say, for discussion, they do want $30 a share. Well everyone and their dog knows that is 100% impossible with the stock at $7. So if AMRN management wants $30, the first step is to get the stock price to AT LEAST $15. There are a few very easy ways to do this. The first is to get the word out about all the interested parties, or release that they have rejected a bid. If someone did offer $15 (hell, even $20) as some speculate, then if AMRN released that, the stock would immediately move to that level. Then, once at $15-$20, they can work on getting the $30 they supposedly want.

    So OPTR had an article come out about how GSK, AZN, Astellas, among others, were in talks to acquire the company for something around $1b. The title of the article is "Optimer Said to Draw Takeover Interest From Glaxo". the stock immediately went up $3 a share, or 30% a share.

    See, AMRN management could learn from these things. They apparently have no clue on how to go about getting a required buyout price. Apparently they think crashing the stock from $13 to $7 is a good strategy to entice higher BO offers. And I guess they think letting it sit there, at $7, month after month, is going to get them $30 a share.

    All it takes is one release of a rejected offer, or a legitimate news article with details of what is going on to greatly assist. At this point, with absolutely no rumors or articles coming out for months, no one really has a clue if talks are even still going on. Seriously, we have absolutely no clue what the situation is. So, everything is now relying on scripts, which is not going to appreciate the stock.

    Learn a thing or two JZ.

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    • Europe rules won't allow listing bidders u dumbo/

    • When PK has more thumbs up than down, one of two things are happening.

      1. He's creating multiple IDs.

      2. The shorts are quite nervous and attacking the board, trying to create doubt.

    • Pkarnett, where do you have it from that anyone would be interested in buying Amarin?

      You are aware that AMRN has ONE product (with very low margins) and NO pipeline?

      EPA 96% is a Japanese product Big Pharma can license from that conuntry basically for free and than use a few millions to destroy Amarin in the courts if they protest, AMRN can't possibly defend any "IP" with their tiny resources.

      That is how the big boys think, they will not pay a cent for AMRN to be "nice" to some naive shareholders.

      In fact, if Vascepa had any profit potential, BP's shareholders DEMAND that they crush AMRN becuse that is most profitable.

      No one will buy AMRN for the reasons listed above and AMRN dosn't stand a chance going it alone, it will be a penny stock even before generic lovaza wipes out the margins completely.

      So forget this stock or short the h**l out of it.

    • Bravo! Pkarnett83. I totally agree with your review of Amarin management and Joe Z. but my take on this scam artist is they never gave a #$%$ about investors at all. They created a product very similar to Lovaza and created some B.S. hype and road the stock up sold off at $14 a share and could give a flying F where the stock goes now. This is a SCAM and that's it. I think this because of a couple little white lies that most of us know by heart. "We have more interested parties then employee's", "NCE is much ado about nothing" Then they need to secure $100 million out of the blue and this is when the stock sank hard. Why have they let so much time pass without uttering a positive word about the stock and the direction it's going? Do they really think time doesn't matter? Only if they don't give a #$%$ about American investors. This stock was supposedly going to $26-$30 a share a year ago but you are right the P.O.S. Joe Z. and his Irish clan have sent it down the #$%$per and don't seem to care. And if you don't like my reply then I can tell you where to go also. $12.90 a share and #$%$ OFF.

    • AMLN another example of the correct way to do this. JZ, please listen and take this as another example of how to handle these things.

      AMLN trading at $15 when they announced they rejected a BO offer of $22 a share. PPS immediately moves to $24. A couple of months later they get the $31 a share offer.

      Apparently JZ doesn't realize you don't go from $7 to $30 in one fell swoop. If they seriously did have an offer and didn't disclose it, that is criminal, and pretty darn stupid to boot. Who is more likely to get a $30 offer: the stock trading at $7, or the stock trading at $17?

      Again, with absolutely NO clarity on the bidding process, if any, the stock is not going anywhere.

    • How are you not so utterly embarrassed by your "gift to the board" pick, which has now almost hit the 10s. That's way worse than what's going on here, and yet you spout all this #$%$ that no one listens to.... And the funny thing is, you think you're right.

      PKT, 13 points off its highs from a few months ago. Yep, you provide quality info.

      Your credibility is shot, man. And, you know it. Must be a lonely life with nothing else to do except to come here and bash with your "knowledge".

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