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  • todhale Apr 16, 2013 12:43 PM Flag

    My S story....

    In late spring/early summer of '11 I ended up buying about 20K shares of Sprint that averaged just over 3 bucks. I knew it was a 5$ stock, but it kept drifting lower and lower, almost breaking 2 bucks. "BAGHOLDERS" "WALKING DEAD" "YOUR STOCK WILL GO TO 0" "BANKRUPT" "YOUR CEO IS AN IDIOT FOR NEGOTIATING THE IPHONE DEAL, THE CLEARWIRE DEAL""WAY TOO MUCH DEBT, BURNING THRU CASH" and on and on and on. I held it for months and months when the message board was flooded with bashers/shorts. Eventually, it started climbing and I sold in the high 3's when it made a quick reversal and I said that was enough for me. I made a nice profit and rolled it into AMRN and a couple other holdings. Now it's over 7$ on a BO by DISH.
    Just saying, there are companies you can buy and walk away for awhile, in the mean time the day traders have alot of fun, but it will end up putting money in your pocket in the long run.
    I can afford to sit and watch my holdings, so that's an advantage, I dont have to trade every week. FWIW

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    • You knew Sprint was a $5 stcok, you should not sell at high 3s. Now, you knew AMRN is a $35 stcok, never sell below $35!!!

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    • Your story: Bought Sprint at low 3s, held down to $2 with 40% paper loss; sold at high $3s with nice profits. But Sprint is now at $7s on a BO by DISH.

      Most of longs have had your same story. They can hold with huge loss; but they can't hold with a little gain.

      Now, you should learn the lesson:
      Hold your AMRN, don't sell with little gain till to see AMRN at $35!!!

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    • Great story Tod, thanks. Sounds familiar. I do feel for those small investors who get frustrated with investments that seem to go nowhere but down. Those ready to jump need to hear these stories. As many share the same sentiment. On another note I saw there were 12 replies to your message. Yet yours is the only message that shows. I don't have that many on ignore?

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      • todhale Apr 17, 2013 10:42 AM Flag

        I dont know what is going on with the MB. As I was writing this, my font was a ghost until I clicked sentiment disclosure and it became solid. Your reply is the only one I see. '80's, swalchie and others replied that I know I dont have on iggy, and it should show them as ghosts even if they were on iggy.
        As far as the S stock, a few years ago I promised my wife I wouldnt sell for any kind of sizeable loss and in return she has given me carte blanche with about 70% of our savings that was in a couple of jumbo CDs. I probably would have made more money if I had sold and lost 15% and started trading others and made up the difference, but I am not chasing dollars. Just like AMRN, where I am in the high 9's with 14,600 shares (I bought a couple of thousand in the 12's when it ran up and it seemed a BO was near and it averaged me up quite a bit), as well as a couple other biotechs and some energy stocks...I am just watching and waiting...I know I have at least a double, probably a triple and more when all is said and done. If someone promised me that for 2 or 2 1/2 years of holding a stock, I'll take a 100% return everytime. We have money, so I'm not chasing it.
        I am sure everyone has had experiences like what happened with me and Sprint. I wish I could say I still have those 20K shares right now!
        Duke Nuke'em..if you figure out what the F is going on with the MBs, post as a new topic.

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    • Nice 20-20 hindsight........You're not too bright dodging one bullet then putting the money in another... AMRN?|
      Is your strategy that lightening is going to strike twice? Great investment thesis for sure! LOL! Don't quit your day job just quite yet....

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