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  • harveyspecter357 harveyspecter357 Apr 17, 2013 5:27 PM Flag

    Same Play diff Actors.. Same Company, HUGE Discount!!

    I know many feel like Management should say something. Well that's not gonna happen. AMRN has hit every milestone and more so as a company and its accomplishments it is golden. If you paid attention closely you would have heard that 2 times during the last CC Joe stated he would NOT be announcing a PR for every little thing that happens unless it was a major catalyst like PDUFA, NCE, COMBO. So people opinion about what Joe and Mang should PR and say is meaningless and a waste of breathe.
    Plus if your an investor that is looking to make BIG $$ and real returns you should be greatful the stock is trading here and hasn't valued in the most recent catalysts. Here's why.. With the major game changing catalysts coming like Earnings, Anchor PDUFA, NCE and Combo in the next 45 days, let's say AMRN stock would have valued in the patents and Tier 2 announcements that came out prior... If so AMRN would be at roughly $11-$13 min.. So as an investor all you would be doing is PAYING 50-70% MORE for the SAME company going into all the BIG catalysts (PDUFA, Combo, scripts etc).... With the stock trading at these levels entering those catalysts (including short sqz) the upside could be btwn 50%-100% higher after all 4 have come out by June...
    I don't know about every one else, but when it comes to making money, I would rather be buying more with an upside of 50-100%+ coming and looking to profit nicely... Rather then buying the SAME EXACT Co 50-70% higher, paying more $ and making less $$ when these catalysts come out in the next 45-60 days..
    That's just me.... So from this view I would say all LONGS have "The Golden Ticket"...

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    • best post on this mostly pathetic board in's disgraceful reading the #$%$ these shorty slimeballs put out!

    • Harvey you are the biggest FRAUD! on this board for one simple reason. You pass off all your speculative posts as fact. The bottom line is anyone posting on this board has no ideas what the future holds for amrn myself included. You can throw all the billion dollar valuations, sales numbers and buyout figures all you want but if and when those numbers come to fruition......that's all they are.So if you actually even own this stock then worry about your own investment and STOP! Telling other people what to do with theirs!

    • kkllfla Apr 18, 2013 8:55 AM Flag

      THE REAL PROBLEM AHEAD: If the NCE or Anchor approval does not precede the quarterly report AND scripts do not keep growing...this thing will go to $5's. They are burning cash at such a high rate, that the shorts will have a feeding frenzy if that happens.
      Sorry, I'm long but these are the facts.

      Sentiment: Hold

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      • Your facts are wrong... Here is why..

      • They are not burning cash at a high rate. AMRN's cash position has gone from $35 mill to $260 mill since 2010 when Joe Z came to amrn and all trials for marine and anchor are done. Reduce-it is a none event right now. Plus AMRN stated many times their goal is to grow at 20% script growth per week and thats exactly what they are doing, probably more. The IMS data and script data we are privy to as the public is ONLY a piece of the data, NOT all the data, that is a FACT..

        Also if you know anything about FDA trials then you know both were done under a FDA SPA trial. Thats a legal agreement with amrn and FDA. So since trial data was positive and endpoints were met the ANCHOR will NOT be delayed.
        As for NCE, who gives a #$%$ at this stage. They have 19 patents and protection till 2030, so its not relevant as it was a year ago.. During the last cc Joe clearly stated "as discussions continue, NCE becomes less important"..
        Come on ppl whether you are long or short this all comes down to DD and research. You should already know these things.

    • Harvey, stop promoting Amarin - you're trying too hard. If it's really such a gem (which I also believe), then why would you be letting other people know about it? Keep it quiet. Enough with the pumping. I feel like you have an agenda now. Please stop. Thanks

    • Harvey Harvey Harvey, you sure sound like a used car salesman. If you are not on the payroll to promote this ticker then why are you trying so hard to convince others to invest here. I own the stock and that was my decision to buy but I don't go telling others that they should be buying!

    • Each time I read your post, I feel I should buy more! Thanks! I'm considering to take out some credit from my home mortgage so that I can pay off the loan sooner than later/never(right I've been a little behind my monthly payment), pray everything will get better after 45 days! Thank you, Harvey!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • The bottom line is it comes down to who does REAL DD and Research and who doesn't.. Many on this board especially bashers have no clue about what is fact and what is not. And when it comes to some longs, it seems they don't really know all the facts either. That just baffles me bc how can you put your $$ behind a stock you dont know everything about and then complain when things aren't going how you hoped..
        Obviously I'm not talking about you at all... LOL.. What i am saying is that many ppl think I am pumping because of 2 reasons.. #1 - if theyr short thay think I'm pumping bc they don't wanna admit AMRN will soon destroy them.. #2 - if some r long or just a basher they think i'm pumping bc "THEY DON"T DO DD and THEY DON't KNOW all THE FACTS about AMRN..
        It's just that simple.. Wall street can't change amrn as a company so they used the only tool they have to try and create doubt and fear which is "holding the stock back".. However that doesn't change the FACTS and in the near term when ANCHOR comes back in the pic, plus combo and scripts it's GAME over for the SHORTS and the game playing with this stock.. So if you can I would buy as much more as you can handle and sit tight for the next 30-45 days. Good luck.. & Tell the other to start doing in debt DD b4 coming at "Harvey Specter" LOLOLOLOL

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