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  • yellow.bluff yellow.bluff Apr 19, 2013 12:13 PM Flag

    Stock pinned at less than seven today due to options expiration...

    Maybe next week we see upward movement if the script numb is good. Also may options expire before Anchor sNDA news...

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    • Anchor sNDA, earnings, another NCE decision and possibly the statin combo results hit within a 3 to 4 week timeframe.

      I expect earnings to crush the stock. If management performs another lackluster earnings call, the ticker will be showing a price hovering below $4. No decision NCE cements it there while people will say that the Anchor sNDA was "already baked in" the price.

      Management HAS TO show up for the earnings call. In 3 weeks time shareholders will see and hear if management is up to the task of keeping this company going.

    • Opex is always a factor but it certainly could close at 6.99 today and still make the MM's who sold the 7 buck calls very happy. Frustrating - I have used that word a lot lately here!

    • May options expire May 18. I think sNDA is due May 13, Am I wrong?

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • yellow the script numbers just need to not be flat even 2k will stop the bleeding.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • There is not much that will make this move up. NCE, who knows what century that will be decided and it has less and less significance as time goes on. Which leads us to where we are. So where are the GIA crowd now? They drank enough of that GIA flavored KoolAid? Looking back would you take 20-24? I sure would. My are married to scripts count. To make things even more interesting (as if they were not already), Amarin's board has decided to stay completely silent about what are the projected scripts counts, or what was expected. Yeah they did not want to give a number because they will be held to it. So I guess it was better that Wall Street has gone ahead and made up their own script numbers that are to be expected. And guess what, we are NOT meeting them. So great move there on part of the Amarin board, don't give any guidance in fear of not matching projected numbers, only to have Wall Street fill in what is to be expected (with even harder numbers to reach) and don't meet them either.

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